Why and when you should install a ducted air conditioner

Are you wondering if investing in a ducted air con for your home or business is the right thing to do? In this case, consider your needs and preferences first, then take some time to explore all climate control possibilities. Or, you can simply read this week’s blog post and find out how ducted air conditioning can help you create a comfortable environment throughout the year.

Who is ducted air conditioning suitable for?

You have plenty of options on the market for cooling a building. Split systems, ceiling fans, ducted systems and evaporative coolers are some of the most common choices. Yet out of them all, ducted systems have been gaining a lot of popularity lately in Australia.

But before buying and installing a ducted air con, you should know it is better to be used in some situations, especially when you:

  • Own a larger house with multiple rooms
  • Look for room-by-room temperature control
  • Want even air distribution throughout the house

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Get the ducted air con buyer’s guide. See what to think about before you choose a system

The benefits of choosing a ducted air conditioner

1. It’s a versatile ‘whole-home’ solution

Unlike split air conditioners, ducted systems are able to cover larger, multi-storey homes. Basically, they require installation in a single space of the building, which acts as the ‘hub’ of the entire system. Then, ducts can be run to any part of the house, even harder-to-reach spaces. This means extra flexibility throughout the installation process.

2. Aesthetics and design

One of the biggest advantages of a ducted air con is that it’s almost invisible. In general, ductwork is tucked away from sight into the walls, ceiling or floor (in some cases). This way, all you will be able to see is discreet vents in the ceiling.

Plus, a ducted air con blends in beautifully with the building infrastructure and decor. Not having to worry about a large split system or wall unit means that you can style your home or office to be more aesthetically pleasing. In the end, it will be much easier to plan your interior design!

3. Zoning and control

Furthermore, ducted air conditioning is about better temperature control. Thanks to ‘zoning’ feature, you can turn zones off if no one is using them so that you don’t waste energy anymore. You can also customise the temperature in different parts of the house.

In general, ducted air conditioning is widely preferred by families who respond differently to temperature. With zoning technology, gone are the days when a person is freezing in the bedroom while someone else roams around the living room sweating in shorts.

 4. Higher energy efficiency and lower carbon footprint

Nowadays, ducted air conditioners are becoming more and more energy-efficient. Apart from zoning, inverter technology can also save you energy by continually maintaining the desired temperature. By not having to stop and start several times a day, there is less stress on the compressor and the other parts of the system. This also means a lower environmental impact.

5. Cost-effectiveness

Despite a higher upfront cost, dusted air conditioners will save you money in the long term. Ideal for larger buildings, they reduce the amount of redundancy and help maintain a comfortable temperature without greater energy expenditure.

6. Peace and quiet

Last and not least, a ducted air con can successfully pass the ‘noise test’. We all know how some wall or window units can ruin our concentration and sleep because of that frustrating drone. Modern ducted air conditioners, on the other hand, are very silent. They can really be a relief from the stress and the noise of our hectic days. Who would have guessed that something so quiet could have so much cooling power?


What do you actually want from an air conditioner?

If your answer is ‘all of the above’, then a ducted air conditioner is definitely for you.

If you need help with your ducted air con system installation, maintenance or repair, call Jaric Air Conditioning 1300 452 742  today.

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