Commercial electrical fit-outs for businesses

In order to maximise productivity, sales and brand image, your business needs its workspace to operate as efficiently as possible.

We understand that as a business owner, you face numerous challenges including time, budget and space limitations. Not to mention that you must take into account what effect the construction, electrical or renovation work would have on your business.

We have good news for you! Commercial fit-outs don’t have to be a hassle so long as you choose the right commercial electricians to work with. Whether you need an office or shop fitting, the team at Jaric Electrical is ready to use their electrical expertise to complete the entire process.

Franchise fitouts

Jaric Electrical are experts with franchise electrical fitouts. We understand the need for consistency in a franchise design and layout, and we’ll work with you to achieve the best result. 

If you need to set up specific displays, it is no problem for our team. We work quickly and well with other trades, and we understand the tight deadlines that are inevitably part of getting your business open on time.


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What should you expect from an electrical fit-out?

When you’re managing or operating a commercial property in Australia, one of the most important factors to consider is the electrical system of the structure. You want to make sure that your building can efficiently handle the electric workload required for your business to be operational and productive.

The team at Jaric Electrical will create, design and install electrical solutions to reflect your business style. All of our qualified and licensed electricians can conduct a wide range of commercial electrical services, such as:

Why Jaric Electrical is the right choice for your commercial electrical fit-out

With our team of qualified and experienced electricians, Jaric Electrical are committed to providing efficient electrical fit-out services in and around Brisbane.

We have successfully completed numerous commercial fit-outs for customers in Brisbane, Gold Coast and their surroundings, adapting to every particular situation.

Along with our many years of experience, you will benefit from:

  • High-quality, personalised and cost-effective fit-out services
  • Careful attention to detail throughout the electrical process
  • Quick turnover (depending on the complexity of the fit-out)
  • Projects delivered on time, on budget, and to Australian Standards
  • Power and data connections for every workspace
  • Electrical outfitting for office machines, production equipment, etc
  • Safety switches and surge protectors
  • Floor, ceiling, display, ambient and workspace lighting
  • Exterior lighting and signage
  • Power circuits for lighted signage, time clocks, alarm systems, etc.
  • Emergency and exit lighting
  • All wiring requirements

Electrical services for workshop relocations

Jaric Electrical can assist with relocating your business’s workshop. Our experienced commercial electricians can help ensure a smooth, hassle-free move with the bare minimum of downtime and lost productivity.

We can help with:


1) Planning your workshop move timeframes

2) Performing a pre-move electrical inspection

3) Re-testing workshop equipment after your move

4) Upgrading to electric doors

5) Improving lighting in your new workshop premises


Contact Jaric Electrical for assistance with your workshop relocation

The expert commercial electricians at Jaric Electrical can offer you the advice you need to plan an efficient workshop move with minimal downtime.

To make sure your workshop move is a smooth one, call Jaric Electrical on 1300 452 742 or contact us online.