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Arrange a pre-purchase inspection before you commit to buying a house

When you’re looking at buying a new home, you’re no doubt aware that you will need a professional building and pest inspection as part of the purchase procedure. Yet there’s another equally important check to arrange: an electrical safety inspection.

A building and pest inspection isn’t carried out by an electrician, which means they are very unlikely to assess your potential new home’s electrical system. Any potential electrical problem areas will remain undiscovered and unaddressed – until you are the new owner with the responsibility and expense of fixing them!

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Why arrange an electrical safety inspection?

Many homes in South East Queensland understandably had electrical wiring installed that was suitable for the time they were built. 

For example, a typical Brisbane 70s home would have been built with wiring for the “70’s lifestyle” – enough to handle a few electrical appliances, but definitely no air conditioning! And not only that, but no heat lamps… no hair dryers… no clothes dryers… no dishwasher… and all the rest of the modern luxuries we take for granted! That means the home’s wiring could well be insufficient to handle the greater modern load.

Even worse, older homes in some parts of Brisbane have wiring that is out-of-date for today’s standards (including earthing) -– so the house’s electrical system can actually be dangerous.

As you can see, different homes built at different times will have different wiring and switchboards. That’s why it’s important to arrange an inspection before you commit to purchasing the home, to unearth any unforeseen problems and reveal what you can and can’t do.

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What does an electrical safety inspection involve?

The experienced and knowledgeable team at Jaric Electrical will take a thorough look at the home’s entire electrical array, including:

  • Uncovering any electrical hazards
  • Testing all the home’s safety switches
  • Checking the house’s wiring to find any outdated, uncovered, or exposed wires, and
  • Examining the power box. 

A good electrical safety inspection doesn’t just check for any physical issues. It’s also crucial that the electrician assesses whether:

  • The home’s mains supply is correct for its current electrical loads
  • There are any changes that should be made to the electricals, before you renovate the home
  • All safety switches are up-to-date and working
  • Power points and lighting need testing 
  • The home features any hazardous or perhaps dodgy “DIY” wiring efforts 
  • Smoke alarms are present and properly located according to the new government legislation
  • Any built-in electrical items (eg. dishwashers, hot water systems, air-conditioners  and pool filters) comply with current government regulations

Are all electrical inspections the same?

No they’re not! You’ll find that your average electrician simply isn’t qualified to check or service the electronics in the home’s air-conditioners.

The team at Jaric Electrical are dual qualified in both electrical work and air conditioning, which means we can examine your potential new home’s air conditioners and give you expert advice about them as well.

Our electricians can actually open up the air con units and tell you what state they’re in. their expert eye can determine whether they’ve been serviced regularly and kept in good shape, or whether they in fact need repairs to bring them up to working order. 

If an air conditioner hasn’t been regularly serviced and cleaned, it may well be full of mould and fungus which can cause serious health issues if left unaddressed. That could cost you hundreds of dollars! 

That’s why you should book an electrical safety inspection from a ‘dual qualified’ team such as Jaric Electrical and Air-conditioning.

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