Get a second opinion on your business’s air con or electrical issue

Before you lock in a tradie, give Jaric a no-obligation call

If you’ve been told by another electrician that your office or business’s air conditioner is simply “had it” and needs to be replaced – don’t despair! You may still have options.

Contact Jaric Electrical to get a “Second Opinion” on your electrical or air con issue. We’ll be happy to talk to you about the problem and advise your options.

Then if one of our technicians still needs to make a site visit, they’ll use their years of experience to come up with a better solution.

Why might an electrician tell you “sorry, it can’t be fixed”?

Sometimes, the first electrician you talk to may not have the experience to fault find and then carry out the repair in a commercial environment. In other cases, they may not be able to source the required parts for larger business air conditioners. Or perhaps they’re not licensed to do repairs, in which case they can only replace the unit – and you pay for it.

You can see why getting a second opinion from a Jaric electrician can be valuable for your business.

Get a 2nd opinion

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Experienced tradies who understand commercial air con and electrical

At Jaric we value the client relationships we build for the long term – especially with our commercial partners. If we can save your business money on electrical or air con services, we will!

If you engage us to come out and look at your issue, we’ll tell it like it is – and give you a realistic assessment of your options. We may be able to save your business money by repairing an air conditioner or electrical equipment instead of completely replacing it.

For example…

Some of our customers have been told that their air con uses R22 gas that is no longer available. That’s not the case! At Jaric we’re fully licensed to work with R22 gas – so that repairing your system may be a realistic alternative to replacing it.

That’s just one example. In other cases, when a certain brand of air conditioner is no longer being produced, we have the experience to know which parts from other brands can seamlessly be used to repair the unit.

Contact Jaric today for your second opinion

To speak to an experienced electrician and explore options for your business, contact Jaric today. Fill out the simple form or call us on 1300 452 742.