Air Conditioning Tradies deals

Are you a certified tradie in Australia looking for affordable air conditioners?

Then you’re in the right place! Whether you want to buy a split system, a ducted air con or any spare parts and accessories, now you have the chance to get special prices on the marked items.

At Jaric Air Conditioning, we give you access to a wide range of exclusive ‘tradies only’ deals. Have you got yours today?

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Top reasons why Jaric Air Conditioning is one of tradies’ best friends

We are not just an AC store…we are your‘one stop shop’ solution for tradies. Our friendly staff will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Plus, if you want your items to be delivered anywhere in South-East Queensland, we can also take care of that for you.

Are you still wondering what your benefits are? Here are just some of them below:

  • Unbeatable prices on a wide range of air conditioners
  • High-quality brands and models
  • Spare parts from all manufacturers and brands
  • Lots of accessories for air conditioning installation, service and maintenance available
  • Delivery right to your doorstep (for a small handling fee)
  • Further advice and consultation

Brands, models and accessories

Is there a particular air conditioner model you want to buy? Any special features you may be interested in? We’ve got you covered. In our store, you can find just about any popular AC brand and accessory, such as:

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • Fujitsu General
  • Rinnai Air conditioners
  • Panasonic Air Conditioners
  • Installation accessories like isolators, fittings, RCBOs, cables, fasteners, cleaning tools and other sundries

Of course, we can also supply spare parts from every manufacturer you may think of. How does this sound to you?

Are you a certified tradie in Australia looking for affordable air conditioners?

If you want to receive our ‘tradies price list’, all you have to do is provide us with your name, email address and ARC license. Then, we will make sure to keep you updated with the latest and most exclusive offers we have in store.

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