Commercial air conditioner repairs

Getting your business air con back up and running

When your business’s air conditioning system needs repairs, you want the problem fixed as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


How an air con maintenance contract ensures quicker repairs

If you have a maintenance contract with an air conditioning business, you are likely to benefit from same day service, depending on your contractor. Generally, commercial air con repairs should get priority, since a lack of air conditioning will impact on productivity.

Look for a repairer that can readily source parts, by having direct relationships with the air conditioner manufacturers.

Keeping your business cool while your air conditioning is repaired

When your business’s air conditioning is out of action, it’s no fun for your staff, your customers, or you!

Look for an air con repairer that can organise, set up, and manage temporary air conditioning for you while the repairs are carried out.

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Can you repair non-current air conditioner brands?

If your business’s air conditioner model is no longer being produced, it still may not be “the end of the road” for your air con. Even though a repairer has told you that it’s no longer supported, you may still have options to repair the unit.

That’s especially the case with some commercial air con equipment. Unlike an all-in-one domestic unit, commercial air cons utilise separate components which can be replaced with those from other brands.

A good commercial air con repair business will have the knowledge to understand which parts from other brands will fit your unit.

What warranty is offered on commercial air conditioning repairs?

While air con manufacturers won’t offer a warranty on most electronic components, there is often a manufacturer’s warranty on mechanical parts. On top of this, a good air con technician should offer a warranty on their labour.

All air conditioner maintenance crews should have at least $20 million public liability insurance. Don’t hesitate to ask for evidence of this before you allow a provider to begin work.

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What qualifications or licences should an air con repairer have?

You might think you can save money for your business by engaging a generalist electrician to repair your air con. But in fact this can be a false economy.

When an electrician doesn’t hold a full qualification in refrigeration and air conditioning, that means they’ll be unable to service or repair an air con. With a limited ARC Tic licence like most standard electrical companies have, they’ll be limited to just new single split system installations – or for repairs, simply removing the entire unit and replacing it! You can see how this can easily end up costing you more money than necessary.

A licensed air conditioner technician will have the ability to fault find and “diagnose” the problem with your business’s air con – and to replace the parts as necessary to get it running perfectly again.

Check with your air con repair technician or electrician that they have all appropriate licences before you give them your business.

Get a “second opinion” on the health of your business’s air conditioner

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