Exit and emergency lighting – one of the best safety measures your business can take

In the event of a serious incident within your commercial premises, your staff and customers will need to safely exit a potentially dangerous environment.

That’s where exit and emergency lights can help with to safely evacuate occupants and help the Fire Services search the building faster.

It’s an indispensable lifesaving service that we highly recommend to all of our commercial clients.

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Ensure your business is 100% compliant with safety standards

As a business owner, you’ll understand that exit lighting is required on all commercial properties in Australia. Similarly, emergency lighting is also mandatory for all commercial buildings of over 300 square metres.

According to the BCA (Building Code of Australia), exit and emergency lighting must be installed if the exit from a room does not open onto a space with proper natural light. Australian Standard AS2293 also stipulates that these lights must be properly maintained and tested every 6 months.

At Jaric Electrical, our team of experts are always up-to-date with any modifications of the safety standards. That’s why talking to one of our electrical specialists about your exit and emergency signs will keep your business safe and legal at all times.

Why Jaric Electrical is the right choice for your electrical fit-out

With our team of qualified and experienced electricians, Jaric Electrical are committed to providing high quality and efficient electrical fit-out services in and around Brisbane.

We have successfully completed numerous commercial fit-outs for customers in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and surrounding areas, adapting to every particular situation.

Along with our many years of experience, you will benefit from:

  • High-quality, personalised and cost-effective fit-out services
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  • Projects delivered on time, on budget and to Australian Standards

Exit and emergency lighting installation and maintenance

Before deciding on the emergency lighting for your business premises, there are several factors to consider, including the class of building, floor size, public access, natural light and layout of walls/rooms.

Checking with an electrical expert will make the emergency lighting installation process quick and worry-free.

The Jaric team also offer you an extensive range of other services associated with the exit and emergency lighting, including scheduled testing, repair and maintenance services that are compliant with the Australian Standards.

Make sure your staff and customers always find a safe way out

Along with fire detectors, exit and emergency signs should be on top of your business safety list. They help ensure everyone can make it out of the building safely if there is an emergency situation and therefore, save lives.

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