Electrician for pool and spa wiring

If you’re getting a pool installed, you’ll probably need a new independent electrical circuit for the pool filter and additional power points for pool lighting, spa pumps, solar pool heater pump and the like.

When getting your pool filter and spa wiring installed, you may want to think through your other electrical needs at the same time as this can reduce your overall costs by getting everything sorted out in one go. 

For example, You should also talk to your electrician about other power requirements, such as for the barbecue area, fans, garden locker, gazebo, or even the beer fridge. You may also like to consider conduits for extra points.

Think about your future needs for the outdoor area. For example, if you plan to put in a path between your outdoor entertainment area and your switchboard, your electrician can save you money by installing a conduit before the concrete is poured — and save having to dig up your nice concrete path at a later date.

Electric pool heaters

If you plan on installing a heat pump, you may require 3 phase power since a large pool will need a big heater – and that needs a lot of energy. You may also need an independent circuit for the heater. Talk to us to find out more.

The Jaric team are familiar with high quality brands such as Evoheat and Waterco. We’ll install the correct cabling and current ratings, along with any safety switches you may need to ensure that you get the best performance from your investment.

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Wiring for pool and garden lighting

When you’re installing pool lights you may wish to have them switched from the house, so that you can safely reach the pool area at night. Or, install garden lighting around the pool to create your own resort

The Jaric team can even add timers so that lights aren’t forgotten about and left burning long after you (or your kids!) have left the pool area – potentially saving you money.

Pool earthing

Regulations state that any metal objects within reach of the pool must be earthed. For example, a concrete pool has metal rio as part of its structure, so both the pool and nearby metal fences must be earthed for safety.

Existing pools

Jaric can set up your pool filter to take advantage of the cheaper Tariff 33 if required. Or, if you have an older pool pump wired for Tariff 33, we can adjust the wiring to run at any time on normal rate power if you prefer.

And of course, if your existing pool filter pump or chlorinator is hard wired and needs to be replaced, Jaric Electrical can upgrade the chlorinator or pump for you.

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