Air conditioning installation in Brisbane and suburbs

How Jaric understands the air con needs of your business 

Drawing on our 25 years of helping businesses install and maintain the ideal air conditioning system, the Jaric team will design the right air con system for your business.

We can assist with all aspects of air conditioning installation; from design and construction right through to refurbishment of existing systems. 

Our HVAC management team are specialists who understand commercial environments. We can assist with installing split system or ducted air conditioning in your:

  • Office
  • Warehouse
  • Hotel, pub or club
  • Restaurant
  • School, or 
  • Accommodation.

We’ve assembled a team of air conditioning experts who understand your business’s needs. They will insure that any work they carry out will have minimum disruption to your business’s operations – such as arranging to install your air conditioning after hours

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Designing the right air conditioning system for your business

Jaric Air Conditioning’s expert team will begin by assessing the heat load on the business area you want air conditioned. For example, if your premises has a large glass front facing the western sun, we’ll take this into account when designing the right system to suit. 

We’ll also look at the type of machinery and equipment your business relies on, whether that’s:

  • Printing presses generating heat 
  • Computers and other electrical equipment
  • Ovens
  • Testing facilities or clean rooms

We’ll talk about the number of people who use a given area, and how often doors are opened and closed to ensure hot or cold conditioned air isn’t lost unnecessarily.

Your business needs the right mix of fresh to cooled air to avoid sick building syndrome which can affect the health of your staff and customers. Jaric Air Conditioning can visit your site to determine the ideal solution.

How can air conditioning zoning improve your business?

It’s a common story: business owners having trouble keeping every staff member happy and comfortable with their air conditioning! 

Fortunately, Jaric Air Conditioning can help by installing zoning at your premises. This clever technology can cater for different areas of your business that have to cope with differing heat loads. For example, your server room may have different cooling needs from your meeting rooms, the boardroom, or the production floor. 

With air con zoning you can keep different people – with their different comfort levels – happy at the same time.

Commercial air conditioning service packages

Naturally, the Jaric relationship doesn’t end after your air con installation! With us, your business will enjoy a priority response on any servicing or maintenance requests. Ask us about our VIP Service packages especially for businesses. 

It’s all about building a partnership with you to help your business succeed. 

Contact Jaric Electrical for commercial air conditioning installation

If your business requires a new air conditioning installation, contact Jaric Electrical. We know you’re busy, so when you book your service with us we’ll commit to a 2 hour timeframe that lets you get on with your day.

For an obligation-free quote call Jaric Electrical on 1300 452 742 or get in touch with us online.