Commercial 3 phase power connection

Electrical services for workshops and manufacturers

There are many reasons why your factory or workshop may require a new or upgraded 3 phase power connection. For example, you may have new equipment – a hoist, packaging machine, lathe, or new overhead gantry crane.

A workshop upgrade may call for relocating equipment and needing additional 3 phase power points. Or you may simply need a 3 phase extension lead in your workshop. 

Here’s how Jaric Electrical offers you the expert service you need for your commercial 3 phase power connection.

Commercial 3 phase upgrade for relocation of equipment

You may have 3 phase power to the building already, but you need it wired through to your workshop or production area. Our electricians will install the correct cabling and conduits for your 3 phase power. 

If you have equipment used elsewhere in the workshop, we have the experience you need to revamp your workplace, and move things around to increase efficiency. The supply you need may be a 3 phase power point or it can be hard wired.

Having worked with businesses for decades, we understand your need for minimal disruption when installing 3 phase power. We can carry out your installation on an RDO, or after hours. Our team are happy to work in with other trades, and we’ll leave your site clean, efficient and safe once we’re done.

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How Jaric carry out high quality electrical work

Jaric’s qualified electricians will do the wiring to the machine manufacturer’s requirements, with the correct current capacity which may need a specific type of cable or unique connection.

This way, we ensure your machinery operates as intended, and avoid problems that can be caused by an installation fault.

The right advice on your 3 phase connection

Not every electrician has the right expertise to advise you on what your business needs in terms of a 3 phase power connection. 

For example, if your machinery or equipment is located a long distance from the main switchboard, we’ll do the calculations to make sure the cable is correct to compensate for potential power losses.

And if the switchboard is full – with no room for additional 3 phase connections – Jaric Electrical can upgrade the switchboard to enable a three phase circuit breaker to be fitted. 

Where appropriate, we will install a 3 phase safety switch in the switchboard, to ensure your facility is compliant with all regulations.

And naturally, Jaric Electrical hold all licences and insurances appropriate for the work site.

3 phase extension leads

If you have a 3 phase power point on the wall, but the equipment is located at a distance, we can make a 3 phase extension lead. It can be a good solution when a piece of equipment is not used regularly, making hard wiring unnecessary.

We only make heavy duty 3 phase leads that are appropriate for a work environment. They can be supplied in any length you require.

Contact Jaric Electrical for commercial 3 phase power connection

If your business requires new or upgraded 3 phase power, contact Jaric Electrical. We know you’re busy, so when you book your service with us we’ll commit to a 2 hour timeframe that lets you get on with your day. 

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