Residential data points installation

Increase speed and safety in your home

Did you know that the average Australian household has more than 18 devices connected to the internet? So if your home has many devices connected via Wi-Fi, you’ll probably have experienced frustration with slow performance, movies buffering, dropouts and lag, and untidy, unsafe cables. It’s not a situation that promotes family harmony!

You could try installing a mesh/booster system, but while this does give you more range, you’ll have less speed. That’s why it’s important to have sufficient data points installed in your home. 

Simply put, a data point is the socket into which you connect the network cable from your computer or other technology to the wall.

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Installing your home data points

Placement of data point sockets is important, both from an aesthetic and a safety view. For instance, you want your data points to be located close to the item you’re plugging in, to avoid cables presenting a potential trip hazard.

That’s why it’s important that your electrician considers where you need your data points, rather than just installing them where it’s convenient for them! 

Jaric’s electricians will visit your home, look at your furniture and how you live, where the data cabinet will go, and consider how everything can be as easy as possible for you and your family.

What to consider with data point cabling

Once you decide where you want your data points installed, the next step is to install the network cabling to connect it all together.

The proper cabling installation will ensure that your home network is fast and trouble-free, with everything neat and tidy within a network cabinet.

Consider whether you want Category 5 cabling, or the superior Category 6 which features better shielding for less chance of interference from electrical items, and higher speed. It can be a minor increase in cost, for a major gain in speed and reliability. 

Better quality points are a good idea, since the sockets tend to fit better. This means there is less chance of a lost connection or loss of speed – and your home will look nicer! 

All of this means it’s a good idea to look for a licensed electrician with the right qualifications and insurance to install your home data points. 

What can be connected to data points in your home?

There are many pieces of home tech which can be connected to data points, including:

  • Smart TVs
  • Computers
  • Security system
  • Security camera
  • Solar inverters
  • Smart fridges
  • Gaming consoles such as PlayStations or Xboxes
  • Chromecast

Consider POE (Power Over Ethernet)

Some items (such as security cameras) will require Power Over Ethernet or POE. This means you can connect your Internet connection and power supply through the one cable.

The benefit is that you don’t have to have additional power cables installed to reach your security cameras or other devices using POE. Just having the correct type of data cable installed will do what you need. 

If you have plans to add any POE devices, it is important to let us know when we install your data cabling so that everything can be set up correctly to accommodate it.

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