Outdoor and garden lighting installation

Local electricians to install garden or outdoor lights at your home

When you talk to a Jaric electrician, the first thing you’ll notice is that we ask a lot of questions. We’ll run through all your options for outdoor lighting with you, find out what’s important to you, and recommend the best solution. 

It’s all about doing more with less and enhancing your home’s value. 

Here’s how Jaric Electrical offers you the expert service you need for your garden or outdoor lighting installation.

Why choose Jaric Electrical to install your outdoor and garden lighting?

When we visit your home, we’ll ask you about the major issues you have with your outdoor lighting – things like safety, security, and the appearance of your home. 

In terms of safety, you might want to see where you’re walking at night; light up pathways or stairs; or install lighting for your driveway so that visitors don’t drive over the garden.

With security, you may wish to consider motion sensors or timers for when you go on holidays. We can also install better lighting for security cameras to capture more detail.

And with your home’s appearance, Jaric Electrical can install feature uplights to illuminate particular plants; fairy lights or rope lights in the entertainment area; or even dimmable outdoor lights. 

We’ll also think about your neighbours, carefully directing any new lights so that they don’t shine into neighbouring homes and inconvenience other households. If necessary, we can set up a directional shroud to make sure that the new light shines where you want it to.

Jaric Electrical will also make sure your “outdoor lights” are actually intended for outdoors, insisting on IP 65 specifications. 

It’s all about installing the product that you really need – not just the product we want to sell you!

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Should you choose warm or cool lights outdoors?

When you’re thinking about lighting outdoors, remember that cool toned lights can make your landscaping look dull and less vibrant. Instead, opt for warm white lights that look more natural in your yard. Typically, lights between 3,000K and 6,000 K look best for outdoor use.

Contact Jaric Electrical for outdoor and garden lighting installation

If your home needs new lights in your garden or outdoor area, contact Jaric Electrical. We know you’re busy, so when you book your service with us we’ll commit to a 2 hour timeframe that lets you get on with your day.

For an obligation-free quote call Jaric Electrical on 1300 452 742 or get in touch with us online.