Split air conditioning systems in Brisbane and Suburbs

The team at Jaric Air-Conditioning can recommend the right air conditioner brand and type for you, whether you need a system for your home or your business.A proper advice given by our qualified experts can save you thousands of dollars in running costs and give you a better overall result when it comes to choosing the air conditioning type and system.

How the Jaric team install the right air conditioner for your needs

Choosing the wrong air conditioning system can cost your home or business dearly over the long term. You’ll end up paying both for unnecessary running costs, and for the frustration of having an air con that’s simply not up to the job.

So when Jaric recommend the right air conditioner brand for your needs, we don’t just consider the size of the space to be cooled or heated. Instead, our expert air-conditioning team will take every aspect of your situation into account.

For example, how many windows does your room have? How many people will usually be in the room? What is the aspect of the room? Are there any walls facing west, which will heat up greatly in the afternoon sun? All of these factors will affect the air con we recommend.

Jaric Electrical’s sales team and installers will work with your unique situation and find the best solution for your air con installation – every time.

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What size air con do you need?

When to use a split system air conditioner

Split system air-conditioners can be ideal for cooling or heating a single room, or a specific area, of your home or office.

They consist of a wall-mounted unit that blows cool air inside your home and an outdoor compressor unit that dissipates the heat from the cooled area.

Split system air-conditioners can be more affordable to purchase and install than ducted systems, and can also be more energy efficient when you only need to heat or cool a single room.

Jaric Air-conditioning can install split systems in just about any room of your home or business.

What brand of split system air conditioner should I buy?

The Jaric 100 percent happy guarantee

We supply and install split systems from all major air-conditioning brands, including:

  • Fujitsu
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • Daikin
  • Panasonic

Actron Air And all other brands.

Good to know!

Sometimes you choose to buy an air conditioner “on sale” at a department store. You may save some money in your upfront costs but you also need to consider the running costs.

However, if you need help with choosing an air conditioner that will serve your home or office for years to come, call the team at Jaric.

What size air con do you need?

How do I get my air conditioner installed?

We can supply and install the perfect air conditioner for you at your home or work, or if you’ve already purchased your air conditioner our team can install it for you.

If you require an installation, submit your interest via the booking form or call us now.