Ceiling fan installations

An energy efficient way to cool your home

Installing ceiling fans in your home can be a very energy efficient cooling method for milder Queensland days.

Unlike an air conditioner which cools the room, a fan doesn’t lower the room temperature. Instead, it works by cooling the people in the room by circulating the air with a comfortable cooling breeze, making it feel up to 4 or 5 degrees cooler.

Fans help you save on your energy bills by using less energy than running an air con, and can cost as little as 13 cents an hour to run.

You can even use your ceiling fans to make your air con more efficient. On very hot days, your home’s ceiling fans can circulate the cooled air from your air con throughout the room. This helps to ensure an even distribution of cooled air throughout the room and decreases the time your air con has to run.

How Jaric Electrical can install ceiling fans

At Jaric we supply a range of different ceiling fan models, in a choice of colours. You can opt for a three bladed metal fan, or go for the four blade wood model which has a sleeker look and is quieter than a standard three blade fan.

Alternatively, if you have a particular style in mind you’re welcome to purchase your own ceiling fans elsewhere for our expert team to install.

If you don’t have a fan installed already, you most probably have a light installed in the centre of the room. If that’s the case, Jaric Electrical can readily install a combination light and fan using the existing electrical wiring. Or, you may choose to install a fan in the centre of the ceiling and then install energy efficient downlights throughout the room.

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What about installing a fan in a downstairs ceiling?

You may have been told you can’t install a fan in a downstairs ceiling as there is no way to get the wiring in place without a crawl-space.

However, Jaric Electrical can install a remote control with a combination fan and light, so that existing wiring can be utilised. The remote will give you full control over both the light and the fan speeds – and is accessible from anywhere in the room.

This is particularly handy in bedrooms, as you can have the remote by your bed to easily control the fan during the night.

Installing ceiling fans outdoors

We all love the outdoor lifestyle we enjoy here in Queensland. To make those summer days even more enjoyable, did you know that you can mount ceiling fans outdoors?

This is a great option during our hot days to keep you and your guests cool and comfortable.

An outdoor ceiling fan makes a big difference at night as well. The night-time air is cooler, so moving it around gently is a very efficient way to make outdoor living more enjoyable. And of course, having the fan running will even give the mozzies a hard time.

But of course, decks and patios can be breezy (which is not usually a bad thing!). However, this can disrupt your new outdoor ceiling fans and push them off balance.

To avoid this, make sure your electrician installs your fans with a more robust outdoor mount, so that it  can operate in a comfortable breeze without problems.

Should I choose AC or DC motors for ceiling fans?

While traditional ceiling fans use AC motors, today there are low-voltage DC options available. While these new DC models are cheaper to run, they can be more than three times expensive to buy! That means you’re unlikely to benefit from their lower running costs, unless you will use your fans very heavily. 

Like all new technology, it’s quite likely that the cost of DC powered ceiling fans will decrease over time. But for the moment, AC powered models are more likely better suited to residential installations.

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