Residential EV charge point installation

The latest tech to charge your electric vehicle at home

Jaric Electrical can install EV charge points at your home for all brands, including Nissan, Tesla, Ford and more. Our team can install the latest 40 amp hard-wired charger for fast charging at your home to have you back on the road in no time! 

Even though your EV may have come with a ‘standard’ charge pack (with options to upgrade to faster charge), this will put additional load on your home’s circuits. Jaric Electrical can install a bigger circuit and upgrade your switchboard to suit.

When visiting your home, we’ll speak with you about accessibility and which way you park, so that you won’t be tripping over cables just to recharge your vehicle. We can even install a dedicated circuit to be linked to a separate register in the meter, so that your EV charger can be set up for a cheaper tariff.

If you need to move an existing charger, talk to Jaric’s experts. And when you’re moving house, Jaric Electrical can then decommission your EV charge point and install a standard power point in its place.

And of course, the Jaric team will make sure your EV charge installation is as neat, tidy and discreet as possible.

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What size EV charger should you install?

When choosing a charger, think about the future. Even through your first EV may be a small model that requires just a 10 to 20 amp, your next upgrade could need a 40 amp circuit. It makes sense to install a larger size charger now, to avoid having to redo the installation in the future.

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If your home needs a new EV charge point, contact Jaric Electrical. We know you’re busy, so when you book your service with us we’ll commit to a 2 hour timeframe that lets you get on with your day.



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