Commercial air conditioner service

Keep your staff & customers cool and comfortable

It’s one of those things you may not notice until it isn’t there – the air conditioning system at your business!

When an air con system isn’t serviced regularly, it’s not just the increased chance of a breakdown to consider. Dust and dirt can build up around ceiling vents, presenting an unsightly appearance to customers.

And once your air con stops working, your business may pay an expensive price in terms of lost customers, dissatisfied employees – not to mention the cost of the repairs themselves!

The importance of regular air con maintenance for your business

If you’re wondering whether it’s really that important to regularly service your business’s air conditioners, just think about your car. You wouldn’t expect your car to continue to run trouble-free without being serviced – and it’s the same situation for your air conditioners.

At Jaric Electrical we often find that “a stitch in time saves nine” – that is, businesses can actually save money by arranging regular servicing instead of waiting for the air con unit to stop working, meaning it can need expensive repairs.

Regular air conditioning servicing can mean a reduced risk of breakdowns – along with the hot days you and your customers suffer through when your air con isn’t working! Servicing helps your air conditioners run more efficiently (saving you running costs), and can protect your employees and customers from the health issues caused by dirty air con units.

What health issues can be caused by dirty air conditioners?

It’s not just an uncomfortable experience for your customers and staff; a dirty air conditioner can potentially cause serious health issues.

Poorly maintained office air conditioning can also contribute to “Sick Building Syndrome”, a potentially serious condition that’s caused by inadequate ventilation or dirty air con units. It can cause lethargy, cold and flu-like symptoms, nausea, decreased workplace efficiency, and more.

If you notice a musty or mouldy smell from your business’s air conditioner, it’s probably the sign of dust and moisture build-up inside the unit. Some customers tell us their air con “smells like a wet carpet” when they turn it on.

To address this nasty smell, make sure a hygiene clean is included as part of your air con service.


Is air con maintenance part of your rental agreement?

While every commercial lease is different, typically air conditioning capital costs and repairs are handled by the landlord; while maintenance is the responsibility of you as the tenant.

This means that you must maintain your air con systems properly, so that your landlord can’t suggest that poor maintenance means you are up for capital costs when the system fails!

You should keep good records of your business’s air conditioner maintenance, and be clear on whose responsibility is what.


How often should you get your business’s air conditioners serviced?

Your business’s ideal air con service interval depends on a few factors. It’s important to consider the external environment in which it operates – for example, an industrial area with semi-trailers moving in and out constantly will expose your air con units to more air pollution than a suburban small business in a quiet street.

Similarly, if your business is located on a main road, pollution from the heavy traffic will cause your air con units to work harder than if you were in clear air.

The location of your air con condensers is another factor. For example, a condenser located beside a busy driveway will likely work harder (and need more regular servicing) than one situated in clear air on a roof.

All this means that in some situations, your business air con may need monthly services, while in other situations a bi-monthly or quarterly service will be sufficient. In a very clean environment, you may only need servicing every 6 months to keep your air con running sweetly and saving you on costs.

We may even suggest different service schedules for businesses in the same building, depending on the tenancies and their usage.

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What’s included in a commercial air conditioner service?

The Jaric Electrical team will carry out both operational and non-operational checks. We’ll check the air conditioner filters and vents, and check the drains for any blockages.

The team will ensure that coils aren’t blocked by dust and debris (which can cause corrosion), and check the unit’s duct and fitting connections, since leaks can eat up power for years.

We’ll look at the zone motor operation, and if applicable, wash any outdoor units for continued efficiency. The cooler the outdoor unit runs, then the cooler the indoor environment will be.

Jaric’s technicians will check for refrigerant leaks, ensure the correct charge pressure, and check all electrical connections and wiring for safety. They’ll check for UV or other deterioration, and look at the motor bearings, fan operation, look for excessive vibration and fatigue, check the belt tension, and check that air conditioner motors are not overheating.

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​VIP air con servicing for business – no contracts, no surcharge!

To get control over your costs and allow you to plan your budget with confidence, talk to Jaric Air Conditioning about how we can service your business’s air conditioning.

Unlike other providers, we don’t charge businesses extra for air con servicing. Plus, we offer you same-day callout service, so you know you’ll get swift attention if your air con ever has problems – and your staff and customers won’t be suffering discomfort for days on end while you wait for a service!

There’s no contract – we offer you a “pay as you go” package with no cancellation fee. Use us for as long as you wish, and if you’re ever unhappy with the service – we know you won’t be – you can simply settle up for the work we’ve done and move on.

Best of all, we’re proactive about air con servicing for businesses. We won’t let a service interval slide past and risk your air conditioner. It’s a “set and forget” option that will allow you to relax in the knowledge that your office air con will be serviced at appropriate intervals – it’s one less thing for you to worry about for your business!

To find out more about our VIP Service Packages for business, call Jaric on 1300 452 742 or get in touch online.

Make sure you’re getting what you pay for, with an independent service review

If you’d like to make sure your current office air conditioning service provider is offering value, consider locking in an independent review from Jaric Air Conditioning.

Our trained and qualified technicians will visit your workplace and check the current state of your ducted or split system air con units. We’ll bring our experience to bear to see whether what you’ve been told has been done, actually HAS been done!

The Jaric team will provide you with comprehensive photographs that show you exactly what we’re talking about.

And as a special offer, if you’d like to proceed with our recommendations to bring your servicing up to speed, we’ll be happy to carry out the necessary services at an introductory 50% off our usual fee. Call Jaric Air Conditioning on 1300 452 742 or get in touch online to arrange your independent air con service review.

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Jaric’s experienced air con technicians can keep your business’s air-conditioning system running efficiently, saving you money and keeping your staff and customers cool and comfortable.

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