Air conditioning installation in Brisbane and suburbs

Jaric Air Conditioning specialises in the installation of both ducted and split systems for domestic and commercial use in all Brisbane suburbs. Our skilled, experienced and qualified installers will take care of everything for you, including the installation and electrical work required to get your system up and running.

How the Jaric team install the right air conditioner for your needs

Choosing the wrong air conditioning system can cost your home or business dearly over the long term. You’ll end up paying both for unnecessary running costs, and for the frustration of having an air con that’s simply not up to the job.

So when Jaric recommend the right air conditioner brand for your needs, we don’t just consider the size of the space to be cooled or heated. Instead, our expert air-conditioning team will take every aspect of your situation into account.

Does you old air con REALLY need replacing?
For example, how many windows does your room have? How many people will usually be in the room? What is the aspect of the room? Are there any walls facing west, which will heat up greatly in the afternoon sun? All of these factors will affect the air con we recommend.

Jaric Electrical’s sales team and installers will work with your unique situation and find the best solution for your air con installation – every time.

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Commercial and business air conditioning installation

When we’re installing air conditioning for your workplace, our team will ask you questions such as:

  • How much electrical equipment is present?
  • How many computers will be running all day?
  • Which rooms are likely to be unoccupied for long periods?

Most importantly, they’ll arrange an installation time to minimise disruption to your business, such as installing air conditioning after hours

Just ask the Jaric team about these services and you’ll always benefit from air conditioning installation by fully licensed Brisbane electricians.

Our sales team and installers will work with your unique situation and find the best solution for your installation every time.

We provide non-contact service & installations

We're serious about your safety! All our Jaric installers and technicians are "COVID Infection Control" certified from the Department of Health.

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