Tips and tricks for successful air conditioner installation

The first question that comes to mind once you bring your new air con system into your home is: “Where should I have it installed?”. In this news article, we’ve put together some tips and tricks for a correct and successful air conditioner installation.

Why is the location of your air conditioner so important?

After choosing the right air con for you, the next thing to do is finding the right place for it.

It’s no secret that the location of your air con system – both of the indoor and outdoor unit – is essential in order to achieve optimal efficiency and comfort. Despite many factors that influence the performance over time, a correct installation may be the foundation stone of your air conditioner life.

What size air con do you need?


Basic rules of air conditioner installation

The indoor air con unit

First and foremost, you should install the indoor unit in a central location within the room you wish to cool. This way, you ensure a balanced air flow throughout the space. Besides this, consider placing the air conditioner on the wall close to or over the bed (in the bedroom) or couch (in the living room). It’s also important to have the unit installed high enough, so that the blown air reaches all corners of the room, depending on the intensity settings.

The outdoor air con unit

In general, the best place to install the outdoor unit is against the outside wall of the air-conditioned room. However, the location may vary from a case to another. Bear in mind that the unit needs to have enough space around it in order to allow airflow, as well as for maintenance purposes.

Tips and tricks for a correct air con installation

In theory, the best place for your air con unit installation is where you need it most. Common sense rule, isn’t it? In practice, however, a careful analysis of the unique conditions can ensure maximum safety for you and your family. While asking for expert advice is always best for correct installation, here are some basic rules we’re sharing with you from the “backstage” of our technical team.

  • The wall with the indoor unit should not be exposed to direct sunlight or any other source of heat so that the air conditioner will not need to work extra.
  • The air con should not be near any gas oven or oil stove, in order to avoid any potential hazards. It should also be at safe distance from the electrical wires, telephone lines, TV cables and the home security devices. This way, you make sure you won’t record any damages during the installation process.
  • The mounting brackets should be securely fixed on the wall with safe plastic anchors and screws in the holes that are drilled on the selected wall.
  • The handling of the electrical wirings and the copper pipes must be done very carefully; also, the air con water drainage pipe must be securely attached to the indoor unit of the system.
  • The place of the outside unit should not be exposed to corrosive or other harmful substances in order to prevent deterioration or permanent damage.

Should you choose DIY or professional air con installation?

No matter how useful these guidelines or the instruction manual may be, it is definitely not enough to have the air conditioner installed all by yourself. In this regard, we highly recommend choosing some trained professionals to carefully complete the installation procedures for you.

At Jaric Group our skilled installers will take care of everything for you and successfully get your air con system up and running. Call us on 1300 452 742 and choose our air con installation services today!