Why is my split system air con not getting cold?

8 things to check before you call Jaric for advice

It’s a horrible feeling – the day’s warming up, and you pick up the remote to switch on your home’s split system air conditioner to enjoy the cool air. Disaster!

For some reason, the split system just isn’t getting cold. What could be the issue? Is it time to phone Jaric Air Conditioning immediately for help, or is there something you could check for yourself to get the unit working properly again?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your split system air con isn’t getting cold.

1) The unit is short of gas

One of the most common causes of a split system not getting cold is when the unit’s refrigerant gas has escaped.

Whether it’s because of the unit’s age, a leak, or simply poor installation, when the gas escapes it means that the air con simply won’t be able to operate as normal.

Just like your car’s radiator, an air con needs sufficient gas to operate – and you’ll run into problems when it doesn’t have the right amount.

Having your split system air con regularly serviced is a good way to ensure that gas levels are checked, leaks identified and repaired and topped up when required.

2) A blocked filter in the indoor unit

The more you use your air con, the more it sucks dust and debris out of the air (as it’s designed to do). Over time, this can block the unit’s filter, meaning it can no longer circulate and cool the air.

This problem only gets worse if you’re living in a very dusty area, or you have pets that drop a lot of hair or fur inside your home.

The good news? This is one issue that you can fix yourself – or even prevent it from happening. Make sure you check and clean your air con’s filters about every three months.

3) A blocked condenser on the outdoor unit

Your split system’s outdoor unit relies on an unobstructed flow of air to work. So if you notice household rubbish, or the dog’s bed, or even a purpose-made cover obscuring the outdoor unit, make sure you move it straight away. Debris such as grass clippings, leaves, or dog hair can also obstruct the outdoor unit over time.

To avoid this, just like the unit’s air filters, the outdoor unit should be cleaned and washed about every three months to ensure it keeps working as intended.

4) Simple user error

We’ve all done it! Chosen the wrong setting on the air con remote… failed to check for flat batteries… or perhaps even broken the remote by dropping or throwing it. Sometimes the kids may have switched off the outdoor unit, as kids do!

Take the time to check all these issues before you pick up the phone to call Jaric Air Conditioning. We can fix these things – but you can too!

5) A blocked coil in the indoor unit

If the split system’s filters aren’t cleaned often enough, mould and dust will inevitably build up, to the point where the filters become ineffective. The air con’s coil can become blocked, which means it won’t be able to cool your home.

At this point, you will need to contact a reputable air conditioning technician to inspect and professionally clean the unit’s coil.

6) A mechanical or electrical component fault

Over time, like any electrical or mechanical system, air conditioners can develop faults. Whether it’s because of geckos or cockroaches nesting in the system; rodents gnawing on a wire; the failure of a component; or a faulty sensor, problems do happen.

A conversation with your local Jaric Air Conditioning expert can help identify and fix the issue.

7) Faulty air con installation

It’s a sad fact that not all air conditioner installers have the same qualifications, or do the same high standard of work. We’ve seen examples of air cons that haven’t had their connections installed properly, so that the gas quickly leaks out. We’ve seen systems that haven’t been designed correctly for the size of the room, or even the location in a home.

That’s why it’s worth looking for a split system air con installer with a QBCC Unlimited Design licence, and an RAC01 ARCTick that shows you that your electrician is fully qualified in installation, after sales service, and support for your air conditioner.

That way, you can be confident that your air con will be installed correctly and will last you much longer.

8) Choosing the wrong air con for the job

If the split system air con you have is the wrong size or the wrong specification for your home, it may not be able to cope with the job you’re asking it to do.

If a split system is too small for the room’s size or its conditions (such as whether it has insulation, or if it faces west into the afternoon sun), it will struggle to cool the space.

It’s another reason to speak with a qualified air con expert when you’re choosing which system to have installed.

What can be done about a split system that won’t get cold?

To avoid many of these issues above from ever happening, it’s a great idea to have your split system air con serviced by Jaric Air Conditioning every 12 months – depending on your operating conditions. By that we mean that if you live in a dirty or dusty area, or you leave your home’s windows open during the day (letting more dust into your home), you might need a service more regularly. Split systems in bedrooms can be affected by bed lint and even hairspray! So they too may need more regular attention.

Our friendly air con experts will check all of the issues we’ve talked about in this article. To preserve your unit’s warranty, many manufacturers recommend a yearly service. Note that warranties don’t cover things like vermin nesting in your unit, or user error.

We can even put you on a reminder list so you’ll never forget an air con service! We’ll give you a call when your split system is due for a checkup.

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