Why is the ARC tick so important?

When you’re looking for a reputable and experienced air-conditioning tradesperson or company in Brisbane, it’s very important that they are registered with ARC.

ARC or the Australian Refrigeration Council is in charge of licensing all the business and tradespeople who work with ozone-depleting (ODS) substances or synthetic greenhouse gases (SGG) most commonly found in air con and refrigeration equipment.

The ARC tick is important because our environment is important and we’ve all heard how ozone gases can be harmful to our environment. While most of the “bad stuff” powered older air cons and refrigerators it’s important that air conditioning tradespeople in Brisbane and surrounds know what they are doing and that everyone is kept safe.

By only hiring air-conditioning servicing tradespeople who have had the right training and who have the ARC “tick”, you are ensuring that both you, your family and the environment are in good hands.

Look for a fully licensed AND experienced air conditioning expert

However in addition to the “tick” it’s imperative that you are using a fully licensed AND experienced tradesperson to come to your home or business to carry out air-conditioning and electrical work.

At Jaric Air-conditioning and Electrical we hold a full refrigeration and air-conditioning Cert 3 mechanical engineering qualification. We also ensure that our trades complete their 4 year apprenticeship successfully and that they have the experience they need.

Our director John (and many of the staff) have over 25 years experience in the air-conditioning and electrical fields. In addition to the “ARC Tick” our qualifications and experience really stands for something when we are installing or repairing air-conditioning in your home or office.

So if you’re in Brisbane and you’re looking for a licensed AND experienced company to look after your split system or ducted air conditioning, then you can give our Jaric Airconditioning team a call.

Our phone number is 1300 452 742 and our ARC number (the one you need to ask for) is AU39136