What’s the best temperature for a baby to sleep in?

The benefits of air conditioning in your baby’s room

Though you might worry about your baby being too cold, in fact it’s usually the opposite situation that causes problems.

Since young infants can’t regulate their body temperature in the way adults can, they can be particularly prone to overheating. This makes babies vulnerable to heat rash, eczema, heat exhaustion and even an increased risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

The ideal sleeping temperature for your baby is between 16 and 20 degrees – ideally 18 degrees. That’s a lot cooler than some summer nights in Queensland!

All of this means that it’s a very good idea to install air conditioning in your baby’s room to ensure the ideal sleeping temperature.

Tips for a great night’s sleep for babies – and parents!

  • Develop and follow a consistent bedtime routine
  • Swaddle your baby snugly in lightweight cotton to help them sleep better and longer
  • Avoid taking your baby out suddenly from a cool air conditioned room to another area or outside. Instead, try opening the window or turning off your air con to let your baby adjust slowly to the ambient temperature.
  • Make sure the air con unit is installed where it won’t blow directly onto the baby’s cot. Ideally, ask your air con installer to position a split system up to the left or right of the cot, rather than on the opposite wall.

What’s the ideal air conditioner model for a baby’s room?

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SR Series of inverter residential air conditioners are perfect for keeping your baby’s nursery cool and comfortable. They feature:

  • Super quiet operation to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep for everyone
  • Allergen clear filter that breaks down the pollen, lice, and all allergens that live on cat skins etc. and deactivates them.
  • Dry operation feature that dehumidifies the room through intermittent cooling operation. No more sweaty nappies this summer!
  • On timer that automatically starts the air con just before it’s needed at baby’s bed time, so that the room is near to the set temperature at ON time.

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