Could a ‘second opinion’ save you money on your air conditioner?

How Jaric repaired rather than replaced a faulty air con, and saved $12,000

We love to share stories from happy Jaric customers who have benefitted from our expertise and passion for customer service. In the video below, we’re here for a chat with Deidre in her house in Birkdale. Deidre had a bit of a problem with her ducted air conditioning system, and we solved it for thousands less than she’d been led to expect.

Air con repairs could save you thousands

John: And I believe you didn’t call just one technician, but you called a second technician.

Deidre: Correct.

John: And then what happened from that?

Deidre: So the technicians both told us the same story, same prognosis and that was that the unit definitely was not repairable and we needed to replace it. Both quotes came in around that $12,000 mark that I was telling you about. We didn’t have the money to spend on that so it was something that was put on the back burner for a while, while we did some other renovations. Then you were recommended to us by our plumber, so my husband was like oh we don’t need a third opinion and it’ll be the same story.  Blah blah blah, and optimist here,  said no, I’m calling, and you came out straight away and had a look at it for us. But not only did you have a look at it you actually fixed it. So it was amazing.

Deidre: And we’re just so grateful that you’ve saved us a packet.

John: A couple of simple parts that we have in the truck that we carry all the time..

Deidre: But you knew, I mean you clearly know what you’re doing. And I think that’s the biggest thing is that you weren’t trying to sell us a new system. You were able to fix the old one for us which you know was made up our system to be just fine.

John: What was the cost of that repair?

John: I think it was a couple of hundred bucks?

Deidre: Like it was cheap, yeah, compared to the $12,000. So yeah, very appreciative.

John: That’s awesome. Well there you have it. If you like this video just share it to your friends, and this time the third opinion was well worth it. I know which bill I’d like to be paying, $12,000 new ducted that was recommended by two people to a couple of hundred dollars of repair.

John: So thank you Diedre, we enjoyed repairing what we had to fix for you.

Deidre: Thank you! Much appreciated.

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