4 ways to significantly reduce your home heating costs

Save money and increase efficiency with these handy tips

Did you know that based on Australian Government data, on average, 40% of the energy we use at home is for heating and cooling. Since winter has now officially arrived ‘Down Under’, many Australians households are worried about the cost of keeping warm and reducing their heating costs.

Whether you use an electric heater or a reverse cycle air conditioner, making some small changes in your heating habits will definitely make a big difference on your power bill. Besides using remarkable heating solutions, here are some tips for keeping your house warm as efficiently as possible.

1) Reduce the temperature on your thermostat

The old-fashioned ‘set-and-forget’ temperature setting is costing your household budget a lot while pumping unnecessary carbon into the atmosphere. Every degree extra of heating in winter or cooling in summer can increase energy consumption by up to 10%.

To overcome this challenge, Australian households could reduce heating costs by shifting to a ‘19 to 25’ mentality. In other words, it means to set your thermostat no higher than 19 degrees in winter and no lower than 25 degrees in summer.

2) Increase wall and roof insulation

Insulation acts as a barrier to heat loss in winter, particularly in roofs and ceilings, skylights, walls and floors. In many homes, insulation is the most practical and cost-effective way to make a house more energy efficient. Not only that it keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter but it saves you up to 80% in heating and cooling losses.

What’s more, proper insulation may solve condensation problem, bringing health benefits to you and your family.

3) Reduce heat loss at home

Another way to reduce heating costs is to keep doors and windows closed in order to stop heat escaping from the house. Also, whenever the weather allows, open curtains and blinds to let the winter sun in during the day and close them at night to keep the heat inside. In addition, use heavy curtains which help create a layer of insulating air between the window and the curtain.

4) Keep your air conditioners clean at all times

Last but definitely not least, you should never neglect your air conditioner maintenance. If it’s an ‘all-year-round’ system, then regular maintenance will bring you optimal performance at all times.

While you can perform some of the routines yourself, we recommend you to also get a professional check. There are complex procedures that require the expertise of a qualified and licensed technician.

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