The most effective ways to reduce your air conditioning bill this summer

6 energy saving tips from the Jaric team

Every summer, you probably try different tips and tricks to reduce your air con bills. In fact, everyone does! The good news is that there are many ways to lower your energy usage and air conditioning bills. You just have to stay curious and motivated!

Over Jaric’s many years of working in air conditioning, our customers often ask us: ‘What should I do to stay on top of my energy bills, no matter the season?’ While winter is quite kind to us, summer in Brisbane doesn’t usually show any empathy to our thermometers. It’s little wonder that Australia spends $4.6 billion to keep cool!

In this news post we’ll offer you some handy advice to help your air con run less and reduce your overall energy bill.

1) Install a PeakSmart air conditioner to reduce your energy usage and save money

Choosing a PeakSmart air con and taking part in the PeakSmart Program will help manage peak demand on the electricity network. And most of all, you may qualify for a benefit for up to $400, depending on the energy provider. So be smart, reduce peak demand, and go for PeakSmart!

2) Choose environmental friendly, energy rated windows for your home

To help your air conditioner be more efficient and keep the nice cool air inside, we recommend you use high-performance windows in your home. A better rating not only improves energy efficiency but it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions from the built environment.

Using the Window Energy Rating Scheme will help you take home comfort to a whole new level.

3) Keep the window coverings down on hot summer days

Another simple yet efficient tip is to use roller blinds or drapes to your advantage. By keeping them down throughout the day, whether you’re at home or at work, you reduce the seasonal heat exchange by almost half.

What’s more, light-coloured blinds have the ability to deflect the sun’s heat and keep your house cooler throughout the day. Going back to basics may sometimes be a good idea after all!

4) Remember that your air con and fans can make a good team together

Air conditioners, ceiling fans, or both? Despite the fact that air cons are highly superior to ceiling fans in terms of comfort, it wouldn’t hurt to use them in tandem every once in a while. When done correctly, this strategy may save you money and energy.

5) Turn off unnecessary heat sources

During a heat wave, any appliance can potentially affect your thermal comfort, as well as your energy bill. Whether it’s a computer, a printer, a TV, a lamp, or a stove, they will make your air con work even harder to keep your home cool. So why not try to use your outdoor BBQ or turn off the lights each time you leave a room?

6) Stop cooling empty rooms; use a smart air con instead

According to a recent survey, roughly a quarter of Australians admit to leaving their air con running when they’re not at home. To be more precise, this means $222 million spent on energy wastage in 2.4 million households around Australia.

That’s why it’s an excellent idea to use smart air conditioners, smart thermostats or smart apps to optimise your energy usage and save you money over the long term.

6) Ensure several shady spots around your home and keep yourself cool naturally!

Lastly, don’t forget about using natural cooling solutions. Did you know that a well-shaded home can block up to 90% of the sun’s heat in warmer months? External shading from trees, bushes, awnings or shutters can be even more efficient than internal blinds and curtains.

Shady trees or wall vines can basically have several functions. They not only improve the quality of the air you breathe but they can also cool a home by up to 12 degrees. For best results, combine natural and artificial cooling options to maintain an optimal indoor temperature this summer.

Ask Jaric Group for more ways to reduce your air conditioning bill

Fortunately, there are many effective ways to keep cool and reduce your air con bill this summer. All you have to do is find the ones that work best for you!

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