How can I protect my air conditioner against geckos in Queensland?

Guard your split system or ducted air con with this protective coating

It’s a nightmare scenario. Geckos or other vermin entering your beautiful new air con unit, and then doing their business all over the electronics – or frying themselves dead between a circuit board and the air con outer case, causing a catastrophic malfunction.

Yet, because they need airflow, drain holes and ventilation, air conditioners can never be fully sealed to stop ants, geckos, rats and mice entering the unit. So in winter, these pests commonly try and enter your air conditioner (whether split system or ducted air con) looking for shelter and warmth.

In fact, an air conditioner is almost the perfect pest hotel – with warmth from the electronics, water from the unit, all they need is food! And for geckos, ants and cockroaches provide that too. So you can see how geckos can become so common inside air conditioners.

Unfortunately, geckos cause many problems that can cost you a lot of money. The air con’s PC boards, electronics, and internal wiring are critical components that can easily be damaged when pests take up residence inside. And when you consider that ducted air cons can have up to five PC boards inside, you can see how geckos can cause as much as $7,000 of damage!

And even though some models are sold as being “gecko or vermin resistant”, because of the design necessities mentioned above, no air con unit can stop them completely from entering.

Some air con installers claim that applying Vicks or using mothballs will stop geckos from getting in – but this is not the case.

So what can be done about the problem of geckos and other pests invading your air conditioner?

Gecko protection package with full guarantee against damage from vermin

Fortunately, there are measures you can take to protect your air conditioner from geckos and other vermin.

Jaric’s air conditioning experts can install a variety of tested applications, including barrier protection, protective coating and modifications to unit to avoid damage from geckos and other pests.

This gecko protection package will provide 12 months of defence against expensive damage from geckos and other vermin. And when you reapply every year within the 5 year warranty period, Jaric will fix your air con for free if it gets damaged by vermin while protected.

This advanced air con protective coating can be applied to either new or existing air conditioners – and it also protects against dust and corrosion. It can give you the peace-of-mind of knowing that vermin won’t be taking up residence in your home’s air conditioning.

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Geckos and other pests are simply part of living here in South East Queensland. So don’t let your new or existing air conditioner become a casualty!

To find out more about protecting your system, call Jaric Electrical & Air Conditioning on 1300 452 742 or contact us online.