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Popular air conditioner brands reviewed

The info you need to choose the right air con for your home

Choosing an air conditioner may not be the most important decision of your life, but it’s one you want to get right. The perfect air con can help you make your home as comfortable as possible for years to come.

That’s where technology gives us a helping hand, creating extraordinary devices suitable to a wide variety of needs and preferences, from classics you can always rely on to high-tech, smart systems that do almost everything to ensure your family’s thermal comfort.

In this news post, the Jaric Air Conditioning team have put together a list of the top air conditioner brands in South East Queensland, based on Canstar Blue’s annual reviews.

1) Panasonic

Winner of the “Most Satisfied Customers” award, Panasonic has conquered the highest peak for the second year in a row. Producing and selling air conditioners since 1958, the company has grown until today it’s one of the biggest electronics manufacturers in the world.

With four types of air conditioner in their portfolio – split-system, ducted, cassette and under ceiling – Panasonic is known for these original features:

The ECONAVI intelligent sensor is designed to monitor the location, movements and potential absence of people. It then adjusts itself to better suit new circumstances while looking for maximum energy efficiency overall. For instance, it reduces output if it detects that you’re just sitting, reading a book or watching TV, or whether you’re doing something active (like exercising or cleaning).

nanoe-G is an air purification system based on ‘nano technology’. Consisting of ions and radicals, it protects the environment inside your home against bacteria and viruses. It’s the perfect choice for people who are sensitive to chemicals, as the system does not make use of any kind of chemical-based cleaning products. Panasonic claims that the system can remove 99% of particulate matter in the air, including bacteria and viruses. There are also various levels of filtering, deodorising and dehumidifying features to explore for optimal air quality.

The inverter air con features multiple rotation speed levels of its compressor so that it can heat up or cool down a room faster during start-up, then slow down to maintain the set temperature. This means it uses less energy without affecting the speed of operation or the air conditioner performance overall.

With all these tech-focused features and customer reviews, Panasonic proves how making its products the best version of themselves is the key to success in terms of customer satisfaction.

2) Daikin

With over 45 years’ experience (and counting), Daikin is the only brand to receive 5-star reviews in the “after sales service and support” category. It’s a pointer that they go the extra mile with their specialised and dedicated team that assures quality and comfort for its customers beyond the purchase.

Daikin offers three main types of air conditioners: split-system, multi split-system and ducted. While all their air cons feature high-quality components, the latest innovations can be found in Daikin’s top-of-the-range air conditioners, such as:

7-star “super-efficiency” energy rating – Daikin takes pride in having created Australia’s most energy efficient split-system: the US7 model. Using R32 refrigerant, this air con provides a significant reduction in ‘global warming potential factor’, making it a great choice for environmentally conscious people.

Asthma Council “Sensitive Choice” – Daikin is the only split-system brand to be recognised by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program for its air filtration and purification technology. This suits not only people affected by asthma and allergies, but also anyone who cares about their home’s air quality and a healthy environment.

The backlit Wi-Fi remote controller and D-mobile app – this Wi-Fi ready feature lets you control basically everything your air conditioner can do with a simple press of a button, starting from the countdown on/off timer, quiet mode and fresh air mode, all the way to self-cleaning filter. The direct mobile app is created mainly to facilitate the access to your air con and once your LAN equipped air conditioner is connected to a local network, the system can be controlled anytime, anywhere, and from any Android or iOS mobile device.

3) Fujitsu General

With its extensive range of air conditioners, Fujitsu General is one of Australia’s most awarded electronics brands. They boast the world’s first “self-cleaning air filter” as well as numerous international design and energy-efficiency awards.

Fujitsu General’s range includes five main types of air conditioners: wall mounted, multi type, ceiling/floor console, cassette and ducted.

Classic, Lifestyle and Designer are the three ranges included in the brand’s wall-mounted air cons – its most popular type. The Classic models are designed to be quick, efficient and easy to use, making them a popular choice for residential air conditioning. The Lifestyle range comes with a human sensor control which increases energy efficiency and temperature control based on everyone’s personal needs and preferences. Last but not least, the Designer models stand out from the crowd with their modern touches and appearances, winning awards for “innovative product design” and “design that enriches everyday life”.

ECONOMATCH is Fujitsu’s own exclusive guide to help customers make the right choice when buying an air conditioner based on their home specifications and more.

4) Mitsubishi Electric

One of the world’s leading names in both electrical and electronic industry, the brand claims “it’s all about the quality of life”. Featuring a wide range of products for domestic, commercial and industrial use, Mitsubishi Electric focuses on five main categories of air conditioners: wall-mounted, console split-system, bulkhead, ceiling mounted and multi-head split-system.

Econo-Cool is an innovative technology that allows airflow to be precisely directed towards those in a room. What’s even more appealing is that set temperatures can be raised by up to 2ºC without affecting comfort in any way and with a 20% gain in energy efficiency.

Ultra-quiet air conditioners – most of Mitsubishi Electric’s bulkhead and ceiling mounted models display this function. For example, the MSZ-GE series feature some of the most discreet air conditioners in the industry, as low as 19 dB(A), a truly “whisper quiet” air con.

Wi-Fi control connects your domestic Mitsubishi Electric high wall and floor mounted air conditioner to a compatible device such as a smartphone, tablet or computer. It offers you the freedom to be in complete control of each unit anytime, anywhere. All you need is…internet connection.

Advanced air cleaning systems – the Catechin air cleaning filter is designed to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, while improving the air quality. From the same category, i-See Sensor and Plasma Duo Filter System provide thorough air purification and are equipped with deodorisation filters that remove unwanted odours

5) LG

Known for having produced South Korea’s first air conditioners, today LG has become the world’s no.1 selling air con brand (excluding China). It’s no wonder that they seem to have a system suitable for any budget and lifestyle. Besides that, the following features caught our attention:

Active Energy Control System – this feature allows users to set a cap on the unit’s energy consumption. Energy efficiency is highly improved.

Plasmaster Ioniser Plus offers the maximum air quality, as this technology generates over 3 million plasma ions which filter the air in the indoor environment and inside the air conditioning unit itself.

Plasmaster auto cleaning – this function helps to reduce the formation of mould and bacteria on the heat exchanger. It can be considered a “self-health check” performed on a regular basis by the air con itself.

Micro dust filter is an innovative technology by LG that uses electrostatic charges in order to capture microscopic particles including allergens such as pollen and dust. Together with the “auto-cleaning” function, it fights against anything that might alter the air quality.

Optimised 4 way airflow – the LG’s own 4-way swing dispenses cool air quickly and effectively in multiple directions at your convenience.

6) Samsung

Samsung invests a lot of resources into a futuristic way of thinking. The results speak for themselves, with innovative designs and technologies continually added to the brand’s portfolio. It comprises four different kinds of air conditioning types: wall-mounted, cassette, ducted and free joint multi-systems. Amongst them, here are some features that are worth mentioning:

Auto Clean feature and EZ cleaning – both functions automatically keep the fan running on low speed for a bit after the air con is switched off in order to dry off the heat exchanger and prevent growth of unwanted bacteria.

Smart Efficient Control – Samsung’s own control system allows the air conditioner to automatically change its settings to better suit current weather conditions and the number of people in the room.

Smart Inverters – come with most of the ducted systems and “empower” the unit to maintain a comfortable temperature without constantly switching the compressor on and off as other units are designed to do. They’re also incredibly powerful, with a capacity to cool in temperatures up to 50°C and heat in down to -20°C.

Demand Response Enabled Device (DRED) ready – allow the participating energy companies to remotely control the registered air conditioners in periods of peak electricity demand. This will reduce both the strain on the grid and your household power consumption, without greatly affecting the air conditioner’s performance, while also potentially saving you money.

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Now that we’ve analysed the top air conditioner brands, we hope you will make the best decision and together live comfortably ever after.

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