Planning your workshop relocation

6 tips to determine the electrical services your business needs

When you’re looking to relocate your business’s workshop, it’s important to have a plan to work to. After all, ideally you want to ensure a smooth, hassle-free move with the bare minimum of downtime and lost productivity.

Without a plan to work to, you could end up with unnecessary time wasted fixing electrical issues once you’ve arrived at the new premises. What’s more, your business could also end up with higher costs thanks to repairs and maintenance having to be done piece by piece, rather than all at once before you move in.

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Here’s how Jaric Electrical’s expert team can help you plan your workshop relocation, and ensure all your required electrical services are in place when you arrive ready to do business.

1) Consider the timeframes involved in your workshop move

One of the first items on your workshop relocation planning checklist should be the timeframes. Will there be a time overlap when you have two premises? If so, talk to your electrician about getting started early so that your new premises will be ready to go when you move in.

It’s also easier to move working platforms while your new building is empty. This allows your electrician to run cabling, set up power outlets, and perform any necessary electrical maintenance prior to the equipment moving in.

2) Arrange a pre-moving electrical inspection

Jaric Electrical can carry out a pre-moving electrical inspection to find any issues with your business’s new building before you get started.

For example, we can uncover any broken power outlets or lights, and check that the emergency lighting is up to code. It should be, but it always pays to check before you move in, since this is the landlord’s responsibility.

One final point – if your equipment needs data access, does the new building have sufficient data points? The time to install extra data points is before you move any heavy equipment in to the building and block access.

It can even uncover more serious issues like faulty switchboard wiring, or potential overloaded circuits.

3) Think about re-testing equipment

A workshop move can mean equipment is damaged. So plan to have all your business equipment tested once you’ve arrive, to make sure there was no damage during the move. You can then have it re-commissioned, knowing everything is fully inspected and safe.

4) Consider upgrading access points and doors

If your new premises features old-style manually operated roller doors, a workshop move is a good opportunity to upgrade them.

Adding an electric motor to a roller door can help improve productivity since your employees won’t be held up waiting for inefficient and slow roller doors to open and close, several times each working day.

5) Do you require 3 phase and is it available at the new premises?

If 3 phase is required and available, then you should check where the machines that require it are going, and determine if there is access to a 3 phase outlet there.

6) Think about the lighting your new workshop requires

When relocating your workshop, it’s important to consider the internal and external lighting your business will need. For example, do you have workbenches or workstations that need particular lighting setups? Lighting for your carpark and any doorways will also need to be considered, and installing time clocks and daylight sensors can save your business energy costs.

While we’re talking saving money, could your workshop move be an opportunity to swap from inefficient old halogen and fluoro lights to energy efficient LEDs?

Jaric Electrical can advise you on the right signage lighting to make sure you are visible in your new location.

And in terms of security for your new workshop, ask yourself if there are particular areas under surveillance that will require better lighting for your security cameras.

Contact Jaric Electrical for assistance with your workshop relocation

The expert commercial electricians at Jaric Electrical can offer you the advice you need to plan an efficient workshop move with minimal downtime.

To make sure your workshop move is a smooth one, call Jaric Electrical on 1300 452 742 or contact us online.