How to keep your pet electrically safe

If a new puppy or kitten has just joined your household, it’s important for you to know how to keep your pet electrically safe. Having a pet can add more joy and love to your family, but at the same time, it requires responsibility.

Australia is no doubt one of the biggest nations of pet lovers in the world. According to a recent study, about 62% of Australian households own pets. Our pets are like members of the family. So we do our best to keep our furry friends safe and happy. However, just like children, animals don’t always understand the risks posed by electrical appliances, cables and outlets around the house. Therefore, they can get scared or even seriously injured because of that.

Fortunately, there are some basic safety rules you can apply in order to minimise electrical dangers and keep your pet electrically safe at all times.

Don’t leave any electrical devices unattended

You’ve probably heard it over and over again. Generally, people tend to leave home appliances plugged in even when they don’t use them.  This habit may actually become a huge risk for your home and family.

For example, if your pets play around portable heaters or oil heaters, they could accidentally knock them over, causing burns and even house fires. The same goes for appliances such as hair straighteners and curling irons, which may attract your furry friends to snuggle up to them.

That’s why you should never leave these appliances unattended and keep them away from animals altogether if possible.

Pay attention to plug sockets

Another thing on your electrical safety checklist is to make sure that plugs are fully plugged into their sockets. Sometimes, partially exposed prongs could cause a shock if nuzzled by a wet nose or licked by a curious tongue. Moreover, try to avoid overloading plug sockets with extension bars or blocks. Not only that you put more strain on the socket, but animals can get tangled up in wires and potentially hurt themselves.

Keep cables out of sight

When it comes to cables, it’s highly important to do your homework the right way. Electrical cords are one of the primary electrical dangers for pets, who love playing with them. However, this innocent behaviour can lead to shocks, burns and even fires. So keep cables well organised and, as much as possible, out of your pets’ reach.

Just like child-proofing, pet-proofing your power outlets can be very efficient. Protecting cables is especially important if your furry friend is still young. Similar to babies, puppies and kittens go through the process of teething and see cables as a welcome chew toy to relieve the uncomfortable pressure. So besides protecting your cables, make sure your pet can always find safer alternatives.

Be wary of water

Remember that water and electricity should never mix! Be cautious about leaving electrical devices close to sinks, bathtubs, or any other place where you use water regularly. If your pet will accidentally knock them over and fall, the risk of electrocution is just too high.

Also, take extra care if you have an aquarium. Pets find fish fascinating, so make sure all plugs and wiring are secure. This way, they won’t tempt any curious paws to play with. Above all, make sure there is always fresh water available for your pet around the house. You certainly don’t want to replace your computer just because your cat stuck its head into your water glass that was right next to it!

Train your pet about basic electrical safety rules

Last but not least, training your pet is an important step in the electrical safety education process. For instance, if you teach your dog that certain areas in the house with power cords or outlets are prohibited, he will most probably respect your command. You can try various gentile training methods so that you constantly keep your pet electrically safe.

You should also make sure your pets won’t get bored when you’re not around. Offer them proper toys to play with, so that they won’t go looking for something in the house to chew on, since that would often lead them to a power cord.

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