All you need to know about the PeakSmart program

Have you heard of PeakSmart program? If you live in Queensland, this may be just the right solution for you to reduce power bills this summer. But how does it work and what are your benefits? Read this week’s blog post and find out the highlights of the PeakSmart program.

What is PeakSmart and how does it work?

When the temperature rises in Queensland, many homes and businesses switch on their air conditioners at the same time. And combined with an increased use of other ‘energy-hungry’ appliances, it puts a strain on the electricity grid.

So, with summer just around the corner, it’s important to start thinking of some innovative solutions to better cope with these ‘peak demands’.

PeakSmart is a new solution to help manage peak demand on the electricity network. Technically, it works via a signal receiver – also known as a Demand Response Enabling Device (DRED) – installed by a qualified technician. Once connected, the unit allows your electricity provider to better control the system at various pre-programmed levels called ‘PeakSmart events’.

Who is this program for?

In general, both commercial and domestic air conditioners are a significant contributor to peak electricity demand. For this reason, PeakSmart program is designed for households and businesses who wish to make a difference in their behaviour. By installing a PeakSmart air conditioner, not only that you change the way you use electricity at home, but you also become more aware of the community’s needs.

Which are the electricity companies that offer the PeakSmart program?

Whilst there are many reputable energy providers in Queensland, only a few of them – Energex and Ergon – offer PeakSmart air conditioners. Therefore, if your property is served by either one of them, you may be eligible for incentives, too.

What are the rewards for choosing a PeakSmart air conditioner?

In a nutshell, the PeakSmart program has been developed in collaboration with major air-conditioning manufacturers. Basically, the technology is designed to be ‘set and forget’, so you don’t have to do anything to operate it. In other words, the effect is similar to your air-conditioner being in economy mode.

Here are the main reasons to choose PeakSmart:

  • receive a benefit up to $400 for installing a PeakSmart air conditioner or replacing an existing unit with it
  • help reduce overall peak electricity demand
  • reduce your energy use and save money

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