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All you need to know about minor electrical repairs around the home

Before you try to DIY, stop and read this!

Minor electrical repairs. Piece of cake, right? Wrong!

In fact, DIY electrical work is dangerous, illegal and can be fatal. Only a licensed electrician can safely take care of all your electrical issues and prevent them escalating any further.

It’s easy to see why in Australia, DIY electrical work is against the law. You risk paying huge fines but more importantly, you risk your life too. Except for changing a light bulb and plugging in an electrical appliance, all major or minor electrical repairs should be done by a qualified electrician.

What do minor electrical repairs actually involve?

In general, we are used to taking electricity for granted until something goes wrong.  When lights start flickering, appliances and safety switches keep tripping, then you know it’s time to take action as soon as possible.

What separates a “minor” from a “major” electrical issue? While there’s a fine line between them, one way to think of it is whether the problem presents any clear danger to you and anyone else in your house. Here are some examples of when you should call your electrician for minor electrical repairs:

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Fixing faulty lights

From our experience, the most common small electrical repair we get called out for is dodgy lighting. Although it is annoying and frustrating at times, this doesn’t represent an electrical hazard – but you should bear in mind that faulty lights can become dangerous if left unaddressed.

For instance, dimming or flickering lights may sometimes be a sign of a short in your home’s wiring. In the event of a blackout or severe storm, that short could pose a fire risk. You can see why it’s a great idea to call your local electrician to solve the problem asap.

Repairing broken appliances

Another annoying problem many homeowners deal with frequently is a faulty appliance. In general, this happens when too many appliances are connected to the same circuit at the same time. Fridges, washing machines, clothes dryers and washing machines are known for drawing a lot of power and overloading power boards.

While a system interruption is generally not a major concern, it could indicate a serious fault on a circuit if it happens too often. So, instead of going back and forth to your switchboard to reset your safety switch and/or circuit breaker, it can be more convenient to get your electrician to fix the root problem.

Repairing or replacing broken power points

Lastly, broken power points also require minor electrical repairs if you report them in time. While there are many ways power points can physically break, it is important to investigate the problem thoroughly. So, if the power point is not damaged, but has stopped working, the question you must ask yourself is why. For instance, was it because of a rodent, a loose wire or simply the passing of time?

Either way, for your safety, remember that if a power point is broken, it can only be replaced by a qualified person.

Stay safe and don’t try electrical work at home!

As you can see by now, our message is clear: we recommend you get any electrical issue fixed right away – and don’t ever try to fix it yourself! Whether you need major or minor electrical repairs around your home, our team at Jaric Electrical is always here to help you.

For reliable electrical services contact us online or call Jaric Electrical on 1300 452 742 to get personalised advice and solutions for your home or business today.