How to check if your air con filter is working effectively

5 tips you can use with your home air conditioner

While you’re enjoying the warm weather outside, it’s important to check whether your air con filter is doing its job inside your home! With flowers now blooming and spreading their pollen everywhere, you should take care, especially if you have allergic reactions. So make sure that you’re still breathing fresh air following these 5 simple steps.

Spring has sprung in Brisbane, and we can take off the winter layers and enjoy the warm temperatures. But what about the indoor air quality at home? Have you done your air conditioning spring cleaning already? If you haven’t, here is what we recommend you to start with: air filters maintenance.

The following questions will determine whether your air con filter is still protecting you while providing fresh and healthy air.

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1) Does your air con filter look dirty?

Spring is in the air – and so are the allergens! Pollen, dust and other biological contaminants are the main causes of indoor air pollution and they can seriously harm you if not spotted in time.

This is when the air con filter saves the day. Actually, if it’s doing its job right, a filter should get clogged with particulates over time – which means you should notice grey, ashy grossness covering it. Just imagine that getting into the air you breathe if it wasn’t for the air filter!

2) Does the filter fit perfectly into the vent?

On the other hand, if your air con filter doesn’t look dirty – after the first three months or more of use – it could mean trouble. More exactly, when it doesn’t remove existing air pollutants, maybe the filter is not fit for the unit. If it’s too little, the air might be squeezing in around the edges instead of going through it. Similarly, if the air con filter is oversized and you have to fold it inside, then it’s most probably letting dirty air through.

3) Was the air con filter installed correctly?

Next, think about the initial installation. Did you call in a qualified tradie to install the air con filter ‘by the book’? If you did it yourself, then you should know that the direction you place the filter into the frame is important. Generally, the arrow should be pointing to the fan—if it’s not, then your filters are not doing their job.

4) Did you purchase a high-quality, efficient air con filter?

Another question to ask yourself is whether you purchased an air filter type that still fulfils your needs and keeps the air clean at all times. You should never compromise on quality, especially when it comes to the air you breathe! Then, all you have to do is clean the filter when needed in order to maintain a good air-flow and contribute to the system overall performance.

5) Are you finally able to breathe easier now?

Have you been feeling some allergy symptoms like a scratchy throat, runny nose, itchy eyes or headaches lately? Well, it may be a sign you need to replace the old air con filter, and then feel a difference within a few days. Once all of the harmful substances are removed from your air supply, your body will finally be able to heal.



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