How often does an office air conditioner need to be serviced?

Tips to ensure efficient, effective business air conditioning

How often you service your office air con depends on a few different factors. For most businesses, air conditioners should be serviced at least every 12 months. However, you may need more regular servicing and cleaning depending on your business’s operating environment.

For example, if you’re working in a manufacturing industry (such as printing), you’ll find you need to service your air conditioners every 6 months.

If there’s a lot of ongoing construction or pollution nearby, you may need air conditioner servicing every three months.

In an office environment however, the overriding factor is the rules set out in your lease. Check to see what your landlord has stipulated, and book in for an air con service ahead of time.

And as well as servicing your office air conditioner, you should ensure your office’s air con filters are cleaned or changed every 6 months.

What happens if you don’t regularly service your office air con?

If your air conditioner’s gas isn’t checked regularly, it may mean the air con is constantly working harder than it needs to be. That will cost you a great deal in excess power over the weeks and months of operation.

If an office air conditioner isn’t properly cleaned and serviced, mould can grow inside the unit. This can cause serious health issues for your staff and customers if it’s not checked and professionally removed.

One of the biggest problems for air cons in Queensland is actually geckos! These little guys just love the warmth inside the air con unit, which means they tend to set up shop inside your air con and crawl over the electronics, potentially causing a short circuit.

A licensed service technician can pull apart the air con control sections and look for evidence of geckos. If you know they are there, you can then take steps to clear out the geckos before they move in permanently.

Can a regular electrician service an office air conditioner?

In actual fact, no. Legally, only a licensed refrigeration mechanic can touch an air conditioner’s gas or electronics beyond basic cleaning.

Not even an electrician who installs air conditioners is legally allowed to service them – so remember to check their credentials before you book an air con service for your office!

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