How can I check if my air conditioning tradie is licensed?

Find out if an air con tradie is licensed by the Australian Refrigeration Council

 We love tradies, and it’s not just because it’s what we do, but because if you want something built, fixed or installed in Australia, you need a “practical” guy or girl to do it for you, so you call in a tradie!

 However, what we hate is hearing stories of rogue tradies who are doing work for people around Brisbane where they lack the experience and unlicensed or do the wrong thing by their customers.

 So before you let a tradie into your home its best to check out their qualifications. In the case of refrigeration and air conditioning work in your home or workplace, your tradie needs to have “the tick” from the Australian Refrigeration Council ( or ARC for short)

 To check their qualifications under ARC, you can enter their details into the ARC website and give them the “once over!”

 Jaric Air conditioning – AU39136

 You will, of course, notice that the team at Jaric Air Conditioning are a registered business for the Brisbane suburbs so if you decide to call our team you can be rest assured that all of our team carry the right credentials.

Ask for advice from your local air conditioning expert

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