MyAir smart controllers

Control your home’s environment with the touch of a button

MyAir smart controllers are suitable for use with all our ducted air con models. Let’s take a look at some of their smart features.

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Ducted air conditioners 

MyAir smart controllers can control your ducted system via Wi-Fi through your smart phone from anywhere, or through a wall mounted touch screen.

Unlike other systems that control only your air conditioner, this tablet-like device features a full Android operating system. That means you can use MyAir with Spotify, Google, for shopping, or to play a slideshow of family photos. You could call it a “Smart Hub” for your home! 

Connect your MyAir smart controller via “My Home” to control your garage door, lights, security, scenes, and air conditioning zones. MyAir can monitor each zone independently, and compares what you want in the room to the heat load of that room, directing energy where it’s needed for maximum comfort.

It lets you achieve a comfortable temperature more quickly in each room, and maintain that temperature with less energy. You’ll be increasing your comfort, and reducing your carbon footprint too.

Split system air conditioners 

While MyAir isn’t suitable for split system air cons, you can still use Wi-Fi to control your unit’s temperature, fan speed, and even air swing through your smartphone, wherever you are. That means you can:

  • Turn on your air conditioner on the way home from work, to ensure your home is as cool or warm as you like. 
  • Turn off your air con remotely, if you ever forget to! 
  • Check to see that the kids aren’t setting their air cons to a ridiculous temperature that will cost you money. 
  • Use it with multiple split units to set up ‘zones’, just like a ducted system!

And if you have an elderly family member at home, you can use your smartphone to check that their air conditioner is working properly. 

Some air con units come with a smart controller Wi-Fi interface as standard, or you can purchase them with an add-on card. And you won’t necessarily pay more for a system with Wi-Fi included. You may decide on a split system (with or without Wi-Fi included)  that suits your home, and add a Wi-Fi smart control later.

Which ducted air con suits you?

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