How to get the best out of your garden lighting

7 Top tips to help you transform your garden into an outdoor oasis

Cold drinks, grazing plates, barbies and great weather – you’ll no doubt agree that outdoor living is an integral part of Australian culture. And what better way to create an amazing outdoor oasis than by using state-of-the-art garden lighting?

Just imagine: you come home after a busy day at work, pour yourself a drink and go out on the deck or terrace. As you close your eyes, you’re starting to feel the evening breeze through your hair. Finally, when you open your eyes, you look around and admire your home and garden beautifully lit up.

That’s how the right lighting can transform your garden into an outdoor oasis.

Planning the right lighting for your garden

Your home’s gardens and outdoor areas should be multi-functional spaces that add value to your lifestyle. Whether you are dealing with lawns, artworks, water features, dining terraces or walking paths, each element needs to be carefully considered and given its own lighting treatment to create a truly memorable atmosphere.

Garden lighting can make or break an outdoor space – and there’s so much more to garden lighting than just some simple light bulbs hanging here and there. In fact, when you’re decorating your outdoor space, it takes both technical and creative skills to achieve the ideal result.

From design features to energy efficiency, here are Jaric Electrical’s insider tips to help you create a perfectly functional and beautiful outdoor space or garden. 

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1) Designate the specific area and the elements you want to illuminate

First of all, you need to think about what your key areas are. Are you thinking of highlighting the pool, the pathways, the trees or other architectural elements? Or simply your home itself to complement the overall décor? Look at the big picture – that’s what every successful project starts with.

In fact, the better you communicate your desires, the easier it will be for the electricians and/or landscaping team involved in the project to achieve that outdoor masterpiece you’ve dreamed of.


2) Create a lighting design that complements your garden most

They say that with design, less is more. But what does that actually mean? Well with your outdoor lighting that doesn’t just mean functionality but also subtle art. You can illuminate particular paths, highlight trees and plants, and yet not transform your garden into a sports field!

What’s more, chromatics (or colour choice) plays an important role in designing your outdoor space. Colours (whether discreet or intense) can instantly bring your garden to life, so you should choose your colour scheme carefully.

It’s also important to use the right lights for the right job. Would you like ambient lighting, accent lighting, or both? For instance, you can install underwater lights for ponds and fountains, small bollard lights for paths, and tree-mounted spotlights to give the impression of moonbeams slipping through the branches. Dare to be creative!


3) Choose energy efficient and cost-effective type of garden lights

Besides design and functionality, another important factor to consider is the running costs. This is when energy efficiency comes into sight. Whether you buy LED, CFL or halogen bulbs, you should always consider their energy usage.

For the best efficiency and performance, we strongly recommend LEDs for your garden lighting. That’s because LEDs:

  • Use much less energy than traditional light bulbs
  • Have a longer life span, and
  • Require fewer replacements.

Your local Jaric Electrical contractor will be happy to answer your questions about the type of outdoor lights that are most suitable for your garden.           

4) Break your garden up into ‘zones’

Getting your outdoor lighting right comes down to good planning. Designating certain sections, then using a different kind of lighting or colour temperature for each zone is a smart move.

For instance, you can illuminate pathways with soft lanterns or spike lights. Shining spotlights against walls or tree trunks can create striking shadows and bring darker areas of the garden back into the light. And if you’re a keen cook and you love having friends over for a barbie, make the area around it a focal point. Warm white or colour-changing lights will create a cosy atmosphere, so try to make them feel like home.


5) Consider transformers and outdoor circuits

Technically speaking, choosing a starting point for your circuit is a vital decision when creating the plan. Bear in mind that the further away a light is from a transformer, the dimmer it will be. So don’t overload a circuit with lights and try to keep it to a maximum of 100 watts on each line. 

Plus, you must use a proper transformer for the lighting system. For your peace of mind, talk to your electrician who can choose and install the most suitable products for you.


6) Maintain your outdoor lighting regularly

It’s a great idea to always keep in mind that your garden lighting system, just like any other electrical circuit, requires regular check-ups. Maintenance is extremely important for ensuring the longevity of your outdoor lighting. At Jaric Electrical we recommend at least a yearly service, especially with any in-ground fittings.

Whilst there are certain types of lights with special maintenance requirements, you can always rely on your local qualified Jaric electrician to do the job right.


7) Remember that safety comes first!

Last but definitely not least, after going through the planning phase of your project, it’s time to turn your ideas into reality. Remember electrical work is not a DIY activity for you to do at home! Never try to install your own garden lighting. Instead, hire a licensed Jaric electrician who has the necessary skills and knowledge to secure all the connections safely and correctly.


For more great ideas on outdoor lighting at your home, talk to Jaric Electrical

Make the most of your outdoor lighting! At Jaric Electrical, we understand that choosing the right lights can sometimes be confusing and tiring. That is why we can help you with the decision making, installation and further maintenance.

Above all, we are committed to performing any type of lighting service in the safest and most convenient way for you, while making the entire process as smooth as possible.

For expert advice on the most suitable lights for your garden, call us on 1300 452 742 and talk to Jaric’s qualified electricians today.