Cost-effective air con installation with outstanding customer service

Here’s what a customer thought of Jaric Air Conditioning

When we decided to have our home airconditioned, we were on a tight budget. A leaflet for Jaric arrived in the letterbox and I stuck it on my billboard. I liked that they’re a local business as we want to support our community. We wanted to get the whole house done in stages. We saved enough to have three units installed, then two months later we refinanced our house and was able to get the rest done.

In between, my parents were looking to get air-conditioning throughout their house. My Dad is a retired builder and a perfectionist. He’s also a bargain hunter and usually gets five or six quotes when he’s getting a job done. He’s also not afraid of talking people down on price either. I said to him “Dad, the people at Jaric are the real deal and they’ll look after you.” He trusted me and went with them and has been really happy.

Throughout the process, the customer service was above and beyond. I did a web enquiry initially and someone organised Terry to come out straight away. I didn’t know anything about reverse cycle air-conditioning and Terry spent a lot of time and care explaining everything and walking me through. He was friendly, respectful, and thorough, and didn’t treat me like an idiot. That’s what sealed the deal for me. 

Why choose a reverse cycle air con?

We don’t use heating too much. I love the cold, but my hubby and kids are the opposite so it’s good to have that feature if we need it. I had a brand in mind and Terry offered me alternatives and helped me decide which was most appropriate for our family’s needs.

During the installation, the fellas were fabulous. They were super-efficient, and great with communication letting me know when they were due to arrive – and sticking to that time. I work from home, so they were mindful of keeping the noise to a minimum. They even vacuumed up afterwards and left the areas spotless. They were so nice, I just wanted to bake them muffins! My dog even adored them!

The whole process was seamless. Jaric is an all-round great mob. These guys know what they’re doing and they’re second to none for value and service. When I sent a letter of gratitude, the owner even took the time to personally respond to me. That shows a business that cares.

– Jhodi Volling