Commercial air conditioning – is bigger always better?

How to find the right size unit for your business

It is often said that size matters and your office air conditioner is certainly no exception to the rule. In the following lines we’ll enumerate 7 side effects of an oversized unit, so you might want to carefully read through all of them in order to avoid significant money and energy loss.

Bigger is always better, right? Wrong! Choosing a generous air conditioning system is a common practice of building owners. After all, you want what’s best for your business. But so do we. As qualified and experienced technicians, we will present you some situations when a robust air conditioning is not necessarily the ideal choice for your commercial space.

1) Short on and off cycling

If the unit cycles on and off very frequently, it might be a sign of an overworked air conditioner. In other words, the system is working much harder to keep the building temperature at a set point, therefore it uses more energy and creates less comfortable conditions for both employees and customers.

2) Inconsistent cooling and low staff productivity

Another consequence of short cycling is when inconsistent cooling occurs. At times, you may experience temperature fluctuations as well as hot and cold zones throughout the building.  This may also lead to an office temperature conflict, so avoiding this will keep everyone calm and productive at work.

3) Noise problems

The powerful sound of the on and off switch can be a real problem for your business. Hearing it all day long can be quite annoying and may cause business interruptions. If you’re running a retail store, restaurant or health facility, it can even drive away customers or attract negative feedbacks.

4) Higher energy bills

It’s a fact: oversized air conditioning equipment can waste energy if not chosen properly and therefore it reflects in the utility bill. This is because the system has a higher overall capacity and it starts many times throughout the day to maintain the ideal temperature, chewing up a lot more energy than what is actually needed for your business.

5) Poor indoor air quality and humidity control

If you choose a robust air conditioning system for a small commercial space, then you may confront with the risk of a bad humidity control. There is a straightforward explanation to it: since the AC doesn’t run long enough to extract moisture from the air, a wide array of problems can occur, from equipment damage to the growth and spread of mold, bacteria or even viruses.

6) Reduced system lifespan

Just as an intense workout burns more calories, so an air conditioner “burns” more years of its life. For example, if you buy an air con equipment with an expected lifespan of around 15 years, it may only last for less than 10 years.

7) Higher operation and maintenance cost

Ask yourself the question: “Is it worth paying for a system that costs more to run and to be serviced while it creates a less comfortable environment?” If your answer is negative, in this case, we advise you to purchase the proper air conditioner for the wellbeing of yourself, your staff, your customers and your entire business.

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