How to choose the right switchboard for your home or business

Increase your energy efficiency with our expert tips

Did you know that the electrical switchboard is considered to be the ‘operational heart’ of any building or facility power system? Since our modern lifestyle relies on electricity more than ever, choosing the right switchboard is imperative. So here is a little guide about the main switchboard types to get you started.

Australia was responsible for 84% of all electricity use in the Pacific region according to the Global Energy Statistical Yearbook 2018. Our country consumed 129 TWh (Terawatt-hours), while the world’s energy consumption increased by 2.6% thanks to electrification of energy uses. Looking at these numbers, you can see how important it is to implement reliable and efficient switchboard solutions to support your daily activities.

What are the main types of switchboards?

Modular switchboard systems

Not all buildings are created equal. Each one of them has its own, unique features and must fulfil different requirements. That’s why suitable equipment that can accommodate your specific needs must be one of the primary concerns. In this case, modular switchboard systems are better in terms of flexibility, safety and reliability in a wide range of environments.

A modular switchboard is easy to install and arrange on site, while also offering an efficient scaling solution. For example, when you need to increase your system capacity, adding extra modules is relatively simple and fast.

Mechanical services switchboards

Compared to modular switchboards, mechanical services switchboards (MSSB) are suitable for important functions where downtime could present a real problem. These strong switchboards can offer extra reliability and easy control of circuits. Air conditioners, water heating or alarm systems, for instance, need to be supported with efficient electricity supply you can count on. For this reason, we recommend that you choose dedicated switchboards for essential mechanical services.

Typically built with high-quality materials, a mechanical services switchboard can effectively manage all electrical systems running in the background of an apartment complex or office building.

Talk to Jaric Electrical about upgrading your old switchboard

If you often deal with blown fuses, tripped circuits or flickering lights, your electrical switchboard may need immediate attention. That’s why, whether you’re a home or business owner, you should pay attention to these signals and stop the issue before it’s too late.

Plus, if you own an old version, you may want to call your local electrician to upgrade your switchboard and make it compliant with the new Australian Standards.

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