We live in a smart devices era: smart phones, smart TVs, smart watches and the list can go on much further. Fortunately, air conditioners join this trend, so if you’re out “hunting” for the smartest and coolest device in town, we recommend you read some key facts about it.

Smart is cool. So they say. And smart air conditioners are even cooler, at least this is what the big producers are promising. Cooling your home with a smart air con has become quite popular in the past few years. While still being a luxury, more and more companies are starting to create and add new smart features to the AC devices, so they can beautifully blend in the “internet of things”.


What makes an Air Con smart?

Smart AC devices are the ones that can be connected to the internet so you are able to control and monitor the temperature of your entire home through your smartphone or tablet. No wonder they are called smart. They afford you the luxury to forget about the old-fashioned remote control that most of us have really hard time finding when we need it the most.


How does it actually work?

Simple, yet sophisticated. In order to make this “magic” work, you need: a smart AC, a compatible mobile device and internet connection. Not only you can set the desired temperature in the entire house sitting on the couch in your living room but you can also do it while you’re out shopping, at the office or any other place away from home. Imagine how time-saving, energy efficient and comfortable it becomes when you’re able to pre-heat or pre-cool your house, then find the perfect temp for you the moment you step inside. Pretty cool and smart, isn’t it?


What are the key features of a smart AC?

The main purpose when you opt out for a smart air conditioner is to have controllability over your home temperature no matter where you are. You can turn it on, make all the necessary adjustments and even turn it off, for instance, if you left home in a hurry to meet your friends.

The key features of a smart AC are:

  • Smartphone and/or other compatible mobile devices app, developed for you to access all AC settings
  • Controllable temperature and timer; fan speed settings
  • Control settings when you are not at home, so you can make the necessary adjustments according to your needs and preferences


Which are the trusted brands to produce smart ACs?

Here are some of the “big players” on the AC market that are known for their newly added smart features.

Mitsubishi Electric stands out from the “AC crowd” with its Wi-Fi control system, through one intuitive app available in the App Store or Google Play. You can either control your entire home at once or, if you have a ducted system or multiple split systems, you can also individually control separate rooms even when you are away.

LG is another smart producer, known for its “Wi-Fi ready” add-on, making the connection through all your LG smart appliances possible.

Samsung has also joined the smart AC team, having good references for its Wi-Fi control option. You can access your device settings at any time of day through your smartphone, as well as learn about its current energy usage. Plus, if any technical issue is detected, you will receive a text message from your AC system as a warning to get it fixed in a timely manner.


Is a smart AC a smart investment, after all?

A smart answer would be: it depends. We recommend you take into consideration your budget first of all, and then evaluate your needs and preferences. If you own a little house or you’re thinking to install it for a vacation home where you just stay a few days a year, maybe a classic air con would do the work. But if you aim for the maximum of comfort, usability and control, then buying a smart air conditioner could offer you the easiest climate control one could ask for these days.


Until next time, make smart decisions!

Your friend and AC expert,

John Ricca


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