All you need to know about electrical fault finding and repair

If you’re dealing with faulty wiring, then an electrical fault finding is the right solution to your problem. However, it’s often difficult for the untrained eye to know exactly how to spot the issue. For this reason, an electrician can effectively pinpoint and repair the fault. Find out how it’s done in this blog post.


It’s not necessarily your faultnot your fault

Have you noticed any signs warning you about possible faulty wiring lately? Whether it’s tripping circuit breakers, flickering lights or burning odours, you didn’t really cause any of these to happen.

So, while you may be tempted to solve the problem yourself, remember DIY electrical work is dangerous and illegal. In fact, according to the Australian Electrical Safety Act 2002, it is mandatory that all electrical work is performed by a licensed electrician.  

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What to expect from an electrical fault finding and repair

Technically, fault finding means testing the electrical equipment to determine whether it’s working safely and correctly. However, there are certain guidelines your electrician needs to follow to make sure the electrical issue is solved correctly.

electrical fault finding and repairStart with a good investigation

First and foremost, when dealing with faulty wiring, it is very important to check out the circuit diagrams, specifications and schematics. Therefore, a qualified electrician will:

  • Examine built-in fault indicators and error codes, if necessary
  • Check whether the circuit is correctly isolated from the power supply.
  • Locate and verify the electrical faults using appropriate techniques
  • Record the faults according to the Australian standards.

Time to fix that electrical fault once and for all

Next, after pinpointing the electrical fault, your electrician is now able to solve the issue. This basically means:

  • Repairing, replacing or adjusting to specifications or manufacturers’ requirements.
  • Checking and testing whether the circuit/s is now in perfect working order using the right tools and equipment for compliance
  • Writing a repair report to standard operating procedures.


skills and knowledgeWhat skills and knowledge do electricians require to handle an electrical fault?

In theory, any qualified person can take care of an electrical fault. However, it is really important to choose the right electrician for the job. In fact, a qualified and experienced electrician must know how to:

  • isolate electrical circuits from the power supply using relevant techniques
  • tag isolated circuits
  • work with the right tools and equipment
  • locate, repair and report faults in electric circuits according to manufacturers’ circuit specifications
  • avoid possible hazards associated with the electrical circuit(s)


In conclusion, while it may seem easy at first glance, electrical fault finding and repair should only be handled by licensed electricians. At Jaric Electrical, your safety is our number one priority. With more than 25 years of experience in the electrical field, we can investigate and repair any electrical fault so that you and your family can feel safe again.

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Until next time, stay safe and remember you’re in good hands!

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