What’s the best air conditioner for summer in South East Queensland?

Tips for choosing the right air con for your home

Living in South East Queensland, as we head into summer you may decide that you need an air conditioner that can cope with the high ambient temperatures we experience over summer.

Is there an air con that can cope with extreme ambient temperatures?

A ducted air con system is ideal for cooling your home this summer. Suitable for cooling either multiple rooms or an entire home, ducted air cons use concealed ducts to distribute cool air evenly throughout your space.

Best of all, ducted air con systems offer central control and zoning options to offer customised comfort for everyone in your home.

The ability to control the temperature of each room in your home means that a ducted system is the best air con for summer in Queensland.

And with MyAir added to your ducted air con, you can operate the system remotely to cool your space just in time for you to get home from work!

What other air cons are available?

If you choose not to opt for a ducted air con system, you still have other options available:

Split system air conditioners

Ideal for cooling single rooms or small spaces, split system air cons consist of an indoor unit (called the evaporator) and an outdoor unit (the condenser). They offer you precise temperature control and good energy efficiency. Plus, their Wi-Fi controls mean you can set the unit’s temperature from a touch screen, phone or tablet.

You can also choose to have multi split system air conditioners installed, that feature one outdoor running multiple systems indoors.

DIY window inverter systems

Ideal if you have temporary cooling needs, you can install a window/wall air con (also known as a “window rattler”) yourself! They’re easy to install and move, but they may not be the best choice for cooling larger spaces.

Window/wall air cons are a cost-effective solution for cooling a single room – ideal if you’re renting a home and you don’t want to invest in more expensive systems. They install simply either in a window or a hole in an exterior wall. Some units even allow you to keep a security screen installed in the window.

On the downside,  these air conditioners may obstruct the view from your window, and they do require regular maintenance. But you can take them with you if you move house.

And of course, in this life you get what you pay for! Don’t expect a cheap “window rattler” air con to do the same job as a split system or ducted air con system.

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