Should you choose ‘back-to-back’ installation for split system air con?

Find out if it’s right for your home

If you’ve been researching split system air conditioners for any length of time, chances are you’ve come across the term “back-to-back installation”. It sounds like a strange thing for your electricians to do, not to mention uncomfortable… but what does it really mean?

What is back-to-back split system installation?

A split system consists of two main components: the indoor unit in say your lounge or bedroom, and the outdoor unit that’s installed (you guessed it) outside your home. Generally, a complete air con system will feature one of each – although in some cases, you might have a single powerful outdoor unit and two or three indoor units. This is called multi-split system air conditioning.

As the name suggests, a back-to-back installation is when your air con installer places the outdoor unit directly behind the indoor unit. This can offer you significant cost savings, since the closer the two units are, the shorter the piping and electrical interconnect that has to be run between the indoor and outdoor units – and the lower your installation cost will be. Yet you still need to ensure that back-to-back installation is right for your home’s situation.

When is back-to-back split system installation not the best solution?

One example of where installing a split system back-to-back may not be the best solution, is if the indoor unit is directly adjacent to your pergola or barbie area outside. While you will save on installation costs, you’ll have to deal with a noisy outdoor air con unit humming away while you and your guests are trying to enjoy a meal outside. 

And if you’re wondering whether your two storey home can benefit from back-to-back split system installation, the answer is yes! Even if the air con is located in an upstairs room, your electrician can install the outdoor unit on a wall bracket just outside or on the ground.

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