All you need to know about ducted air conditioning

Turn your entire home into an integrated cooling and heating system

Here is a practical guide that looks at when, why and how a ducted air conditioner may be the best solution for you

We’ll explore both the pros and cons of ducted air conditioning systems, while offering everything you need to know about your ducted air conditioning systems.

How does a ducted air conditioner work?

First of all, ducted air conditioning has the ability to provide you with total climate control. If you don’t limit your choice to “cooling-only” or “heating-only” option, then a “reverse-cycle” ducted system can offer you thermal comfort across your entire home.

On a technical level, ducted air con works by funnelling cool air from a central unit (usually installed in your roof) through a series of ducts to every room in your home.

The circulation of air is usually zoned, which allows you to control the airflow, temperature, and number of zones you wish to cool/heat. By zoning, you will reduce your running costs and ensure optimal inside temperature for Queensland’s climate, all year round.

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What is ducted air conditioning suitable for?

Before you buy or install a ducted air conditioning system, it’s essential to know and review a few aspects such as your floor plan, the type of home construction, main use of each area, etc.

Remember this is a central climate control, so we recommend using a ducted system if:

  • You want a system to cool and/or warm your entire home
  • You want to control the temperature room-by-room
  • You want an even air distribution throughout your home during the hot summer days

What are the benefits of a ducted air con system?

Ducted air con is an ideal whole-of-house solution for cooling and/or heating via the zoning system. Generally, ducted air conditioning is the preferred cooling system for homes with more than 4 bedrooms. Plus, the zoning option allows temperature control of each room.

The most energy efficient air con systems available on the market

Modern ducted air conditioners are very efficient – for every kW of electricity consumed, three or more kW of heating or cooling capacity can be produced.

Quiet operation and discreet appearance

With its noise producing equipment located in the ceiling, under the floor, or outside the house, ducted air conditioning is the quietest of all the air conditioning options. It blends aesthetically into the design of your home.

Reliable and long-lasting air conditioners

Combined with a correct routine maintenance, ducted air conditioners are built to last for many years.

What are the drawbacks of a ducted air con system?

More expensive to install and maintain than the split systems

While it may not be the cheapest to buy, install and maintain a ducted air conditioner, it compensates by high levels of energy savings in the long run.

Not an ideal option for a single room cooling/heating

If you just want to cool or heat one room, then ducted air con might be too much. In this case, a split system would be a smarter choice.

Location requirements

Some homes cannot accommodate a ducted air conditioning system due to inadequate space, so we advise you to plan carefully before installing one.

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