A quick guide to your air conditioning setting symbols

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How familiar are you with your air con setting symbols on a scale of 1 to 10? Are you familiar with all of the hundreds of varieties of air conditioners? It’s understandable if you’re not! In this news post Jaric’s air con experts have gone the extra mile and summarised what you need to know about air con setting symbols.

We’ve divided up the air con setting symbols into three main groups: the ‘essentials’, the ‘know-your-modes’ symbols, and the ‘become a guru of air con setting symbols’!

Essential air con setting symbols

Let’s start with the basics. There’s one air con setting symbol that’s just about universal; the first most important button of all: the on/off button.

Once you’ve turned your air conditioner on, it’s time to set the unit to make you and your family perfectly comfortable with the temperature symbols:

Know your air con mode symbols

Your air conditioner’s Auto mode switches between the air con’s cooling and the heating modes by calculating the differences between your pre-set temperature and the room temperature.

The cool mode: the generic symbol used for cooling mode is the snowflake. You’re definitely familiar with it since we use it so often in Brisbane and South East Queensland.

Heat Mode is another universal symbol in the air con with heating capacities, especially in reverse cycle units. However, you may sometimes find different versions of the Sun as a representation of the heating mode.

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Dry mode may seem a little confusing as a symbol, since it makes you think of humidity rather than dryness. But this drop is generally agreed to represent the dry mode or dehumidification mode.

Ventilation mode is generally represented by a windmill. Just like the energy of the wind is converted into rotational energy, your air con works as a fan rotating the air, with no release of cool or hot temperatures.

“Guru level” air conditioner setting symbols

If you really want to go beyond the basics (or the most relevant symbols), then let us introduce you to:

Timer mode. On your remote control, set your timer to switch on air con after 2 hours, it will start the countdown and will trigger the compressor to begin the pre-set operation.

Lastly, silent operation is an important symbol to be aware of, especially during the night.

Like to know more about your home air con setting symbols?

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