4 simple rules to enjoy the best air conditioning performance all summer long

Stay cool through the hot summer months with our expert tips

Have you checked your air con unit lately? If not, how do you know that you’re still getting the maximum air conditioning performance from it?

In summer, just as you need a sunscreen with the highest UV protection, your air conditioning system needs extra care in order to provide you with the comfort you need and wish for.

So no matter how busy you are this summer – whether you’re at work or at the beach – make the time to have your air con system checked. That way, you could save on your monthly bill and enjoy the best performing air conditioning system every summer day.

Here are a few simple rules to keep your air con healthy.

1) Clean or replace your air con filters

Filter maintenance is the quickest and easiest way to ensure your air conditioner works at its maximum efficiency. We recommend you clean or replace your air conditioning system filters once every two months during the hot season.

Because of your air con’s intense summer usage, it may require more attention, especially when exposed to dusty conditions or pets living in your home. If the air con filters are clogged, air flow will be restricted and your air con’s efficiency will be dramatically reduced – and could even recirculate dust into your home.

2) Keep your air con condenser coils free of dust, debris and dirt

This is a similar tip, except that the air con coils are typically located outside, where they can be even more vulnerable to the weather conditions. Besides dust, the condenser coils could gather leaves, debris or dirt, slowing down the system and eventually leading to potential internal damage.

You should typically perform a thorough clean twice a year, so if you haven’t done it before summer, you should definitely consider an immediate inspection of the system coils. At the same time, make sure the area around the outside unit is clean and clear to help your air con unit operate at peak performance.

3) Have the air con system checked for proper refrigerant charge

While you can (carefully!) perform the first two actions as a DIY job, checking the refrigerant charge is always a professional’s duty. The air con technician must possess a licence issued by the Australian Refrigeration Council to handle the refrigerant gases that are commonly used in both residential and commercial air conditioners.

Before checking the refrigerant levels, it’s very important that routine maintenance has been properly performed on the air con system. If the air con’s filters or condenser coils are dirty, they may also cause similar symptoms to low refrigerant.

4) Have a professional tune-up your air con and relax for the rest of summer

If you feel like you’re simply not getting the most out of your system and you don’t have time to look for the problem yourself, just call in a professional.

Jaric Group’s experienced technicians can perform any job from start to finish. By looking for any leaks or breaks, measuring airflow and checking motors, we make sure your air con system is running as efficiently as possible.

For reliable summer air conditioner services contact us online or call Jaric Electrical on 1300 452 742 to get personalised advice and solutions today.