Air conditioner vs ceiling fan

Tips on how to make the right choice for your home

Air conditioners or ceiling fans? This is the question that many of us think of before summer starts. While one is efficient and powerful, the other is cheaper to buy. We invite you to read our blog and find out why combining air conditioning with ventilation may bring you the best energy efficient and affordable solution for you and your family comfort.

The constant debate between ceiling fans vs. air conditioners seems to never get old. Since we’re aiming to stay cool in summer and warm in winter in the most efficient way, choosing the right type of temperature control is important for both our comfort and our wallet. So before you put your cards on the table, look at both sides of each party – you might find a winning combination.

Ceiling fans – the pros and cons

The old-fashioned ceiling fan – we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for it. While being an economical option in a not too hot climate, it struggles to keep up with the high thermal comfort expectations today’s families have. So you might consider each argument listed below when deciding between to run or not to run your ceiling fan.

Ceiling fan pros

  • They’re cheaper to buy

You can buy a ceiling fan from basically any retail store carrying this kind of products, making it a budget way to stay cool on a warm weather.

  • They’re cheaper to run

The average ceiling fan uses around 75 watts of energy to produce 140 cubic metres of airflow, so you can take a weight off your power bill shoulders.

  • Fans need only basic maintenance

Ongoing maintenance is not really necessary for a ceiling fan as there is a basic system behind it.

Ceiling fan cons

  • Fans provide air ventilation, not cooling

Ceiling fans don’t exactly cool the air; they actually circulate the air passing it over your skin, allowing your body to efficiently cool itself using perspiration.

  • They’re less powerful

When the indoor temperature is over 25 degrees, a fan can’t effectively cool the air in order to reach the thermal comfort.

  • Limited temperature control

Since there isn’t any thermostat to make the desired adjustments but a number of speeds instead, you can’t really aim for a specific temperature, which makes it quite frustrating on a stifling hot day.

  • They provide uneven air distribution

Another downside of a ceiling fan is that, due to its power limitations, it can’t reach too far corners of a room, dragging you close to it for a better cooling effect.

Air conditioners – the pros and cons

From the window or portable units to split or ducted systems, air conditioners are considered to be the most effective solution to temperature control developed and improved over the last century. There’s a strong reason for it: while ceiling fans work to lower body temperature, air conditioners actually lower the temperature of the room. The case for air conditioners is a more complex one than fans.

 Air con pros

  • Multi-purpose, from cooling, heating and dehumidifying

Air conditioners are popular for their multi-purpose feature, especially amongst the reverse-cycle units which give you an arctic blast in summer and a warm feeling in winter.

  • Quick and effective operation

Rated as a five-star device when it comes to dropping temperatures fast on a hot summer day, an air con is a friend indeed when you are in need of one.

  • Easy and complete temperature control

You have the possibility to adjust the temperature to the setting you desire, depending on the weather or time of the year. Plus, choosing a smart air con would allow you to control the temperature straight from your phone no matter where you are located at that moment.

  • Even air distribution

Due to its power and/or oscillating louvres, an air con system has the ability to reach every corner of the room and cool/heat it evenly.

The cons of air cons!

  • More expensive to buy

Given the fact that it’s more powerful than a simple ceiling fan, you should think of it as in a long-term investment.

  • They need more energy to effectively cool the spaces

In order to cool or heat larger spaces or multiple rooms, be aware an air conditioner will add more units to your electricity bill.

  • They require regular maintenance for optimal performance

Proper installation and maintenance performed by a licensed tradie are vital for your air con’s lifespan, so it pays to take good care of the air con system if you want it for a “long-term relationship”.

Which is the most energy efficient and affordable way to cool your home?

While no one can contest the qualities of an air conditioner, there is a way to strategically save on power bills as well as achieve maximum comfort levels. One effective way in doing this is to use both air conditioners and ceiling fans in tandem; since neither needs to run as cold or as fast and once the temperature of your home drops, you can switch off the air con and leave the work to the ceiling fans.

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