What does it cost to run an air con in Queensland?

Every summer, air con running costs are a major concern for most Queenslanders. That is why you should always be up-to-date with the electricity tariffs and usage. If you want to know how much your air con is really costing you, here is a little guide to help you get on top of your energy bills.

As soon as the temperature outside reaches the 30s, we just want to fire up the air conditioner and lock ourselves inside. But there comes a time when you should ask yourself: how much energy does my air conditioner really use? What about the air con’s running costs? We’ve put together some useful information for you to decide on the best temperature settings. Read on!

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What are the recommended temperature settings for air conditioning?

Is there an ideal temperature an air con should be set to in summer? Well for optimum energy-efficiency, considering factors like location and climate, the recommended (not necessarily ideal) summer indoor temperature in SE Queensland should be 24 degrees.

What are the electricity usage rates by state?

In general, electricity usage rates can vary from state to state, and even within different parts of the same state. When looking for an energy plan, it is important to make a comparison first.

Below, you may find the standard electricity usage rates based on the average usage rates of flagship market offer contracts from six leading electricity providers across Australia.

What is the hourly cost of air con cooling temperature settings?

Furthermore, you need to know that the harder your air con has to work, the more electricity it will use. In other words, the lower you set the temperature when cooling, the more you’re adding to your power bill.

Generally, it is difficult to tell exactly how much does the temperature contribute to your air con’s electricity usage cost. However, it’s been estimated that every degree warmer on your thermostat in summer saves you around 10% of the electricity the air con uses. So, using the Ergon air con calculator app, you can see how small changes can actually have a big impact in the long run.

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Analysing different temperature settings is the key to keeping costs under control. Therefore, the more you become aware of your air con running costs, the more you save money now and in the future, too.

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