4 Air con myths busted!

Sort the air con truth from the fiction with our expert team

The Jaric Air Conditioning team are about to debunk the air con myth that most affects your air conditioning. Are you ready to find the “true or false” of your day-to-day learning, articles and documentaries related to air conditioning, one of the most impactful technology systems developed over the last two centuries? On your marks, get set, let’s bust some air con myths!

Air con myth 1: Exposing yourself to air conditioning will give you a cold

Do you sometimes feel like you’re catching a cold every single time the air con is on? You probably end up putting the blame on the air con or, even worse, start avoiding it while suffering from the cruel heat of the summer months.

In fact, while becoming chilled may make you more vulnerable to illness, the common cold is caused by a virus and not the temperature. Plus, air conditioning (including filtration, humidification, cooling and disinfection) is often used to provide a clean, safe and hypoallergenic atmosphere in hospital operating rooms, for example, or other environments where the proper atmosphere is critical to patient safety and well-being.

So put an end to your “heat suffering” and turn that air con on but clean your home and workspace, wash your hands often and boost your immune system to keep those colds away!


Myth 2: Buying an air conditioner from a major department store is clever and saves you money

We all want the best quality for the cheapest price, don’t we? So going to a place with a large variety to choose from and asking a sale associate about the best air conditioner would definitely get us the best deal ever.

In reality, “the best” air con unit is the one chosen to fit your home and needs. There are many factors to take into consideration such as insulation, roof characteristics, number of windows and their exposure.

The sale associate would, of course, SELL you whatever is expensive and profitable for the business. For your convenience, Jaric Air Conditioning would be happy to give you a professional and competent advice when it comes to choosing the right air con for you.

So cool down and think twice before you chase that “hot deal”, deal?


Air con myth 3: Doing regular air con maintenance is a waste of time and money

You probably think your newly purchased air con has a long life ahead, or the existing one runs just fine, so why would you even bother servicing it? Many people who are not currently having trouble with their air conditioning system may believe they don’t necessarily need regular maintenance.

In fact, it is totally wrong. Think as if you are going to the doctor for your health check. Regular cleaning keeps your unit running smoothly and efficiently. It also helps you spot potential “illnesses” that might have appeared and developed over the past season. Avoiding regular maintenance can mean an emergency call in the middle of the night to repair the air con and eventually buying a new one throws you back in the loop.

Ground rules recap? It is ALWAYS better to maintain than to treat.


Myth 4: Finding and hiring a tradie with an unknown background is a good idea!

“I know someone that knows someone…” Does it sound familiar to you?

Many of us feel that finding a “pretty good” tradie through our acquaintances would do the job when it comes to fixing or installing an air conditioner. After all, it’s not rocket science, is it?

Working with unlicensed tradies for some minor home services may give you the false impression of saving some money for other needs. However, if something fails, they may conveniently disappear and not be there to repair it, or they might not have the resources or expertise to get your issue solved in a timely manner. It’s probably not what you want if your air con unit shuts down in the hot days of summer and you end up spending much more time and money to fix or buy a new one.


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