Why is my split system air con not coming on?

What to check before you call Jaric Air Conditioning

As summer heats up in South East Queensland, families turn to their trusty split system air con for some blessed relief.

But then – catastrophe. The split system air con is completely dead… no lights… no sound… and no cool air flowing to relieve the heat!

What can be done to get the split system running? Is there anything you can do yourself to fix an air conditioner? Or is it time to call the experts at Jaric Air Conditioning for professional maintenance and advice?

Let’s look at top five reasons your split system air con might not be coming on.

1) A faulty circuit breaker

If the split system trips the circuit breaker more than once, it’s a sure sign that something is starting to fail.

In this case, definitely don’t attempt to fix the issue yourself. Call the team at Jaric Air Conditioning to find out what can be done.

2) An issue with the air con’s isolator outside

Here’s one you might not have thought of. Occasionally – kids being kids – the air con’s outdoor unit will be manually switched off (by persons unknown). It will cause the air con to simply not switch on, no matter how many times you press the remote button!

In this case, to find the air con isolator, take a look around the system’s outdoor unit. The isolator switch will be located somewhere within easy arm’s reach (or else the kids wouldn’t have been able to switch it off!).

3) A faulty receiver PC board in the split system

One common problem that affects split system air con is a fault with the receiver  PC board. This will mean the remote control signal cannot be accepted by the split system Call the team at Jaric Air Conditioning to find out what can be done.

4) A faulty air con remote, or flat batteries

You’d want to slap yourself if you called out an air con maintenance team, only for them to find that the issue was flat batteries in the remote!

It can often can be the simplest things that stop your split system from running. Check the batteries in the remote, and dig out the user manual to see if you’re using it correctly. If new batteries don’t fix the issue, you may be able to source a replacement remote control.

5 ) A mechanical or electrical fault with the air con

Of course, eventually some parts of the air conditioner will fail, and need to be replaced. In Queensland geckoes can cause immense damage to your air con, nesting inside the unit and short circuiting the electricals. It’s a similar situation with mice, rats, cockroaches and ants.

Call the team at Jaric Air Conditioning for a professional inspection and advice. We’ll be happy to let you know whether the system is worth repairing, or will need to be replaced. If the split system is older than seven years, it’s often too old to be repaired cost-effectively – and parts may be impossible to find. In that case, we can talk through your options for a replacement air con to suit your home.

What’s the best way to avoid a faulty split system air con?

To avoid many of these issues above from ever happening, it’s a great idea to have your split system air con serviced by Jaric Air Conditioning every 12 months – depending on your operating conditions. By that we mean that if you live in dirty or dusty area, or you leave your home’s windows open during the day (letting more dust into your home), you might need a service more regularly. Split systems in bedrooms can be affected by bed lint and even hairspray! So they too may need more regular attention.

Our friendly air con experts will check all of the issues we’ve talked about in this article. To preserve your unit’s warranty, many manufacturers recommend a yearly service. Note that warranties don’t cover things like vermin nesting in your unit, or user error.

We can even put you on a reminder list so you’ll never forget an air con service! We’ll give you a call when your split system is due for a checkup.

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