What is the ARC tick from the Australian Refrigeration Council?

When you’re searching for an air conditioning tradesperson or company in Brisbane, it’s so important to make sure that you’re letting an approved tradesperson into your home.

Unfortunately, all too often we hear stories of unqualified air conditioning tradespeople in Brisbane suburbs undertaking work that they are not approved to do.

To combat this and to make sure that the residents of Brisbane (and the rest of Australia) are protected, the government has set up the Australian Refrigeration Council to oversee our industry and to keep the environment and consumers safe.

So what is the ARC and what is “the tick”?

ARC stands for the Australian Refrigeration Council, a peak industry body appointed to administer the national refrigeration and air conditioning permit scheme.

ARC is responsible for granting Refrigerant Trading Authorisations and Refrigerant Handling Licences to companies and tradespeople who work with ozone-depleting substances and greenhouse gases.

Your air conditioner can contain these substances, and if they are not handled and disposed of correctly, they can damage the environment.

The tick identifies a business or individual such as Jaric Air Conditioning in Brisbane as being authorised to install split systems, ducted systems and all types of air conditioning units in commercial and domestic situations.

Businesses or tradies who don’t have the ARC Tick may be operating illegally so always ask to see their licence BEFORE you ask them to do any air conditioning service work at your home or place of business

The ARC “tick” is not the only qualification that you should be on the lookout for as it’s qualification covers the handling on the refrigerants only. In addition to this licence your tradie should also have a QBCC and an Electrical Licence. The best kind of trade is the one who has all his or her licences up to date and who has many years of experience on the job.

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Here are Jaric Air-conditioning and Electrical’s licences:

ACN 608127626 | QBCC Licence 654515 Unlimited Design | Electrical Licence 76342 | ARC Number AU39136